Friday, 3 November 2017

Vikings - Horns of a dilemma

 Riding through the countryside le Duc Alfwit d'Burk and his knights expect at any moment to come into contact with the dreaded Vikings. Just a few hours have elapsed since the guard atop the keep saw a runner sprinting pellmell from the nearby fishing village. The sentry shouted from the wall down into the barracks "Serf's up!" Grabbing their kite boards, the Beech Boys (as they are known for the wood in their shields) mounted up and rode out to find out the news...'Vikings!' stated the surf 'Fazzens of 'em!'
The next exciting game in our series entitled 'Lion Rampant - How to play a game by guessing what the rules might say without reading them' is on. We're back at Alan's wargame room in an undisclosed location within his 'Keep'. The fair maiden is out and so we are basically whipped in this week via the dungeon and given naught but bread and water...
 Unsure of the deployment of the Viking hordes the Normans concentrate to thrust, dagger like, into the area thought most likely to contain the dreaded Northmen...
 Pretty sure the Viking ain't got land transport the Normans lead with cavalry supported by the PBI
 ...told you
 Soon the drunken, staggering shapes of men resolve into the enemy across the table. But enough about Tom and Alan. The Vikings turn out to be led by none other than that scourge of the Tyne and Weir Bridge Association himself Leke Bladaful!
 The bow armed sea warriors take up position in the rough ground in front of Alans groin
 The heavier infantry shake out into a line across the chief's front
 The Normans see no point in putting off the inevitable a move forward with all speed (and good activation dice)
 The Norman knights go impetuous and crash headlong into the shield wall of the chief's right hand unit
 The wall buckles and is pushed back
 Meanwhile, through a corridor in the rough going, the crossbowmen and infantry steadily advance
'C'mon lads! The QR sheet is with us!'
 Goaded, the Vikings surge forward
 The battle between the shield wall and the knights is furious
 Slingers and archers exchange volleys
 Alfwit hesitates to come within range of the archers. More, though, is the fact that he mustn't be forced into a charge into rough going...
 With the slingers and the knights doing ok the third Norman unit begins to swing into the flank of the, now exposed, Vikings charge
 Nice tree
 The Vikings close to striking distance...but the bows can't miss. Bolts punch home through mail and flesh...
 The Viking elan seems unquenchable. They fling themselves at their foe careless of their lives
 But their bravery is no match for good dice
 They are mown down...

 assailed from all sides...
 ...and trampled underfoot. The survivors break.
 Alone in the rough are the archers. Now they are unable to materially change the outcome

 The Normans can hang back and harry the Vikings to destruction....
 ...but wait, something stupid is about to happen...
 Leke waves his sword at Alfwit. He needs a time out for a comfort break. Alfwit takes it as a challenge to single combat!
 At the fourth or fifth hack Leke cuts the Alfwit out of the saddle and declares a draw. Alfwit has snatched a draw out of the jaws of victory. He is a true d'Burk.

Can a shield wall move?
Does a failure to charge make any difference?
What's in a name?

Answers to these and other pointless questions you didn't want time!

Thanks to Alan - Hospitality, Colin - for the ability to read and Tom - light relief.


  1. Don't know the rules, but the figures are really nice, a great looking game!