Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Kursk: Part 14 - Roll back...staunching the flow

The thick, oily  smoke rolls and boils from the scorched metal and cremating flesh....good job they're only toys then. Even the deadly Flakwagen run out of luck eventually. They try to cover the rearward movement of the Panzer Divisions. 18 Pz ordered to entrain, to where? Not yet known. 9 Pz and battle groups left from the Infantry Divisions must hold the increasingly pressurized line. The Ferdinands, what's left at any rate, are leaving for Italy. Southern flanks SS Pz Korps have already left...
Although the German casualties are high they have confidence. The Russian casualties are much, much higher.
 There is no panic, just an urgency not to be cut off....
 The Russians are squeezing the Germans like a stress ball and have an annoying habit of getting further and further around the flank attenuating the German resources
 79's area of responsibility incorporating 9 Pz's RV.
 The Russians can't have much stuff left...
 ...but it doesn't seem that way to the Germans
 Russian infantry and armour appear between the minefield belt and the river line...
 German reaction is swift and deadly....
 ...but there is no way of knowing how serious this salle is going to be.
 The air regiments are supporting the ground moves in ever growing numbers...
 ...and the Luftwaffe is nowhere to be seen
 Meanwhile, 9 Pz extends its FEBA and tries to get solid for a Russian push from the front or the left, or possibly both at the same time
 Russian artillery begins to leapfrog forward...
 RF rules only give artillery a 10 foot range so there are large areas outside the artillery's range (another 15 feet) and this gap has to be made up by mobility or air power.
 ...for some it doesn't matter any more...
 Infantry try and keep up
 Field repairs finished, this H revs up and prepares to move...
 The infantry gets dropped off by the transport...
 2 Bn, 18 Pz move back quickly to cover 1 Bn in a run to the crossings...if Ivan isn't there first...
 H's still very pokey. Numbers are, as ever, the problem
Relocation of Panzergrenadiers...
...and panzers
Some will have to walk...if they still can
Infantry shakes out to the rear of the 18 Pz gun line
...and the artillery fires over open sights

Further along, when you gotta go, you gotta go
...but at least they have someone to watch over them

Next: Can the Germans form an effective stop line?

Will the Russian torrent run out of steam?

Has Trump got the diplomatic skills of Edvard Benes and the empathy of the Dalai Lama combined with the patience of Ghandi to make all Korean's into a united and happy country?

Tune in next time for the answers for our glow-in-the-dark fallout special from under the wargames table by SW radio....calling all survivors!


  1. Wow, once again most impressive pictures, your attention to detail is amazing!! Spectacular...

    1. Thanks a lot Phil. I take the pictures as we play hence the odd elbow or wonky bit of kit. It is as we see it when we play...never got the hang of CGI but you never know

  2. Brilliant as always - does that mean your table is 25 feet long? Blimey!

  3. No, Sorry Stryker, I exaggerated. It's only 24 feet long.

  4. Part 14! Almost as epic as the real thing... Fantastic stuff as usual.

    Cheers, Dave

    1. Thanks Dave. The real thing was much shorter...but they had more people working on it

  5. Very nice Service Ration. I love the fire markers on the burning tanks.

    1. Ross had a brain wave. I did the paper ones and they were fine for a while but the ones Ross has done are see through and give the glow of heat. We keep developing markers...we're not fans of written labels.