Monday, 5 June 2017

Kursk: Part Eleven - First to Blink

 The Russian artillery, not easily swung from target to target, nevertheless is smashing the head of the German advance. Slowly they turn the field into a scrap merchants dream...
"Swines! I'd only three payments left to go and it wasn't run in yet!"
The left flank of the German attack is slowly losing its close support. Devastating fire brought down on an enemy forced into the attritional tactics so favoured by the Russians
 The Brumbars get cooked...and their short 150's would have been invaluable
 All the same, the survivors push on. Surely the Russians can't have much left? The lines have been breached one after the other, the dead lay around in heaps and the bunkers and anti-tank guns lay about smashed...
 The line, at the foot of the defenses overlooking Ponyri itself, is bracing for the impact of the vengeful assaulting troops driven on by the realisation that to stop in the open is to die...
 The outskirts are within 9Pz's grasp...
 The dug in T34 Battalion is slowly bleeding to death...
"Fritz! You flammen idiot! this is an assault, not a car wash!"
 Meanwhile, back along the railway line some bunkers prove tough nuts to crack
 But even as the strong points are invested the main body keeps trudging forward battle scarred and leaking lubricants
 Drivers are careful to follow in the tracks of the vehicle in front. Mines everywhere! A veritable garden of death
 Some German artillery is getting itself together but far too slowly for the support the assaulting troops need
 What is getting through is deadly. This 120mm mortar battery has been wiped out
 The second assaulting company lays down suppressing fire for their first company caught up in yet another minefield
 A very stretched (bungee) Luftwaffe braves the intense flak to try and neutralise the growing armoured threat...
 ...and drops the big stuff...
 all over the KV battalion...
 ...with spectacular results!
 9Pz is getting to the end of its strength
 Armourfast, Airfix, Frontline and Esci all burn just as fiercely...even 'toy' warfare costs a small fortune!
 Pinned to the wire the German infantry just have to tough it out
Hey! Just what the Germans didn't need. Russian air regiments dive bombing!

Next time: More destruction! Same time! Same place!


  1. I can't believe this battle is still rolling on - more superb photos!

    1. Yes, neither can we...sometimes we only get in a move a night if there are only a couple of us. Still, it keeps us out of the pub.

  2. My goodness ... I expect all your readers will need treatment for PTSD by the time this epic is over. Quite amazing.

    1. You're right Padre. We're running out of casualty markers, explosion and burn markers and Colin doesn't blink when he shoots Russian prisoners any more! We're in a bad way and will need a gentle Napoleonic after this just to soothe our tattered nerves.

  3. Great series of blog posts! Truly inspiring!!!