Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Kursk - Part Nine: 'You're late!...but we'll forgive you'

WE'RE BACK! ...Big post as a lot has been going on.
With 9Pz to its right flank 18Pz straddles the railway and starts the process of winkling out the Russian positions along its embankment...
It's bloody for both sides but successful for the Germans
 Russian strong points fall....
 ...the panzers advance...
 ...but not without incident

 The Panzergrenadiers look to the next target of Ponyri railway station itself
 The 9th is still is reasonable shape
 At last! 79 infantry Division appears on the left flank supported by StuG's and by the potent 656 Abt with Ferdinands and Brumbars

 The 18th watches their advance from the embankment
 The Russian air regiments take advantage of such a target rich environment

 The Germans clear the last of the infiltrations in their rear

 Suddenly a new threat develops and an 85mm AA gun lets rip
 The panzers spread out into a keel to attack the next line of defence
 ...and the gunners sweat as the tanks get closer and closer
 Mopping up continues
 Follow the Airfix StuG's
 ...opposition is quickly crushed

 Russian artillery continues to punish the German advance
 Resistance ends in the rear areas...
 ...Colin will probably shoot them!

 The Germans manage to reposition some of their medium guns
 ...and the Luftwaffe makes an appearance to bounce the red FGA
 ...told you...
 The 79th loses a whole battalion under a deluge of artillery fire

 The Russians outnumber the Germans in the air just now
 Wait for it...
 ....wait for it...
 Bullseye. Lead Tiger turns to scrap!
 Casualties amongst the gun crews now as the Me 109G's strafe their positions
 The hill overlooking Ponyri station
 As if from nowhere the lead elements of 292 Inf Division hove into view and rush the wire
 Meanwhile 79 and 656 just have to keep going through the storm
 Shells falling...
 Armour rolling...
 Targets appear...
 ...and the troops that remain push forward
 Carnage and mayhem
 ...but, ominously, no sign of the Russian armour yet
So the Germans continue to clear position after position on their way to the prize. But what happens when they run out of infantry replacements? Armour can batter into the enemy defences but it takes infantry to exploit and keep the ground won.

Watch out for the next thrilling instalment!


  1. Thrilling is the right word - brilliant would be appropriate as well!

    1. Thanks Stryker. The German players are at once cock-a-hoop with their success but biting their nails to the quick over the shocks that are bound to come

  2. Epic - really is.



  3. Marvelous story telling enhanced by informative pictures. I am definitely looking forward to the next instalment.

    1. Thanks CC. Like Wellington said "This will take careful timing!"

  4. The scale and quality of the modeling and terrain continues to inspire.
    The reality of the story you are telling also manages to hit home.

  5. Good stuff, Pete.

    The Germans are doing much better than they did when we fought the southern pincer back in the '80s. Your battle looks better too! https://notquitemechanised.wordpress.com/20th-century-nqm/

    I'm looking forward to seeing more of this.

    Regards, Chris

    1. Thanks Chris. I read your blog and noticed we both ran into the same problems a) It looks like too much German stuff but isn't b) We're also running out of casualty markers. Back in the day looked fantastic! I'd have given my paycheque to be there. I also really like your WD stuff, especially the search light...where'd you get that?