Monday, 22 May 2017

Kursk: Part 10 - Frying tonight

 It's always great when the guy's come round for a game but there are some moments when you think 'I'm so glad I'm just playing toy soldiers!'
German assault pioneers dismount and go for a bunker...
 ...and run straight into the arc of fire and the thrower goes up!
 No letters home, just a rethink of strategy.
 Both flanks, if they can be called that they're so close, are doing incredibly well...
 9 and 18Pz are ploughing through a tight defence...
 With artillery, strong points, minefields and ambushes at every turn... dug in T34's defend the approach to Ponyri itself
 The flanking Russian infantry are holding their own...
 The assaulting 292 inf Div break through the wire to be caught out by yet another minefield...
 The Luftwaffe presence is being worn down by Russian air defence
 ...but they push on as the Panzer Divisions flying artillery
 ...some medium...
 ...and some bigger bombs
"Gunner to pilot! Where are the sick bags?"
 Just about the last hurrah of the JU 87 as a dive bomber...

 Uh oh, whats this! T70's in battalion strength to support the Ponyri shoulder
 The ground shakes to the arrival of some Russian big stuff...
'Ok, comrade commander, wave your flags for "Pick your targets!"'
 ...a battalion of KV1's (quite rare in the Kursk battle) hove into view
"Keep firing!"                            "My head hurts"
 Just in time too. The dug in T 34's on the edge of town are being ground down by relentless and accurate German tank fire...
 ...but the Russians aren't without teeth themselves and Pe 2's dive on the lead company...
Yet another Airfix Pz IV bites the cotton's carnage out there, it really is...

Next time: Once more into the breach or fill it full of plastic!


  1. Just as well those KVs arrived...

    1. Yeah, looked like a German walk over despite their casualties.

  2. Inspiring stuff as usual, though exploding WW2 flamethrowers are a Hollywood myth!

    Cheers, Dave

  3. Epic. Loving every post.

    And Hollywood is fine with me! I grew up on the old classic war movies.

    1. Thanks Robert. This is what I thought of when I saw my first Airfix box art.

  4. Really like the narration.
    ..oh and the use of the wool, lots of various forms for each type of explosion and burning too!

  5. Inspiring stuff as usual, though exploding WW2 flamethrowers are a Hollywood myth!
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