Monday, 27 March 2017

Kursk - Part Seven: The march into the flames

FIRE! (in Russian)
The Russian god of war shouts
The artillery blazes along the edge of the battlefield
 122 and 152mm guns and howitzers...
 throw shell after shell down on the German attackers
 The deluge finds a myriad of victims
 The Germans have been expecting a riposte but this is extreme
 ...and very effective
 Up goes a Tiger
 ...but the phalanx keeps advancing
 Meanwhile, on the other side of the railway line anti-tank guns take shots...
 ... at the elements of 18 Pz as they use the hard ground of the embankment to infiltrate the Russian defences.
 Scanning for targets/threats...
 ...reaction to effective enemy fire...
 ...I see you...
 An apparent hornet's nest of A/T opens up
 ...and is dealt with quickly
 Back at the schwerpunkt the panzers roll on...
 ...determined to get out from under the fall of shot

 More anti-tank...
...still more artillery

Next: 'Help me obi (79th Infantry Division) kenobi you're my (second to last) hope'...and an advert for eardrum replacement.