Sunday, 1 January 2017

Kursk - Russian Prepatations

Planning never gets as far as one would wish come the yuletide. Never mind, we're getting there. The defence of the Kursk salient, from the Russian perspective, was to be dominated initially by the deployment and interlocking nature of the 'Pak Front'. This homage to the German use of anti-tank defence (and attack actually) was to be a major card played by the STAVKA planners in the coming showdown. This though, was only a part of the Russian plan...

ZIS 3's and long 45mm ATG's...
 ...and of course T34's, both dug in and in counter attack Brigades/Armies
 A sprinkling of KV1's. Production had been suspended during the great industrial upheaval of 1941, was virtually non existent during 1942 and production was still far below par even in 1943.
 Did I mention T34's?
 Russian artillery was considered (by them at least) to be the best in the world and so US/UK artillery pieces were almost completely absent from the lend-lease shipments. The 'Katyusha' was a guarded secret with commanders ordered to destroy crippled vehicles rather than have them fall into enemy hands. By 1943 Studebaker S6 trucks were flooding into unoccupied Russian territory from the USA and made possible not only the greater movement and operational reach of the Tank Armies but allowed a heavier missile to be used in the Katyusha rocket battery role.
 If the 76mm provided the anti-tank and light artillery calibre, the 122mm and 152mm fulfilled the medium role...
 ...and as the Luftwaffe had proved to be the bane of Russian movement through the war to this point the Russians went in for FLAK in a big way...
 Older surviving types from earlier engagements were pressed into service in the recce role. BT7's, T60's and T70's not to mention a whole host of various armoured cars...

 GAZ and ZIS trucks still showed up in large numbers in mechanised units...
...and Russian infantry. We will field around two full infantry divisions (according to RF ORBAT's 40 to the battalion) and their associated kit
...and did I mention we will need T34's...lots of T34's

Next: Scenery. We think you'll like the scenery along with the scenario and tweaks.


  1. Thanks Will. Only time will tell if we've bitten off more than we can chew.

  2. An epic collection- am looking forwar to seeing it play out.



    1. So are we. There is always the thought that the Germans will bog down too soon and the terrain we're working on won't be needed but that's always a risk.

  3. Impressive, very impressive!

  4. *fingers crossed* please do northern salient, please do northern salient, please do northern salient

    1. Because we're starting Kursk for the first time I thought we'd combine the elements of North and South pincers in two distinct phases...a kind of Ponyri with add-on's.

    2. Yes!!! Cant wait to see this. Could be your most anticipated battle yet (at least by me)!