Friday, 2 September 2016

Stalingrad - Russian Revenge

Surely the gap between hubris and disaster was never so close as between the demand for a crushing German victory by Hitler, from his superlative Sixth Army, and the reality of a massive German defeat at the hands of the implacable, and seemingly irrepressible, Russians.
The shells rain down on the beleaguered and starving German troops. Adolf is reduced to impotent cajoling from his HQ "Every hour the army holds out in Stalingrad improves our position across the whole eastern front."
 A far cry from the days of talking to his braying cronies when he said "I prefer to do the job with relatively small battle groups. Time is of no consequence."
 Time, and the Russians, have pulled the noose tightly about the throat of the Sixth Army and the Fourth Panzer Army...
 ...and it's getting tighter
 Rolling north to south along the axis of the marshalling yard is the winter bogie man...
 ...the T34's
 All the Germans can do is husband their ammo and wait
 They won't have to wait long...
 ...Ivan is coming
 With the prescience that comes from extended periods of living on your nerves, the opening of an attack comes when movement triggers a mortar stonk
 The general hate kicks off...
 ...and everyone wants to join in
 The Germans try to break up an infantry attack as it forms...
 ...and tank riders...
 The gunners push aside the casualties and prepare to fire.
 The mortars have caused casualties on both sides but the interlocking fields of fire hold
 The Germans bring down their mortar FPF
 ...but it's like fighting a forest fire with a watering can
 The katyusha's fall ahead of the armoured attack
 No finesse. Just charge.
 The reserve comes forward to meet the attack
 The Russians flood across the road
 ...and break into the Barrikady
 The Germans counter attack
 A Russian Battalion HQ just behind the assault
 The Russians come on... be met by withering fire
 Enemies clash...
 ...and the Russian toe hold is dislodged
 Reforming, the Germans wonder how many more attacks they can hold off
 Precious German ammunition is expended on a target rich environment
 Again, casualties sustained but the charge continues
 Flanking troops set off up the railway embankment...
The Russians are looking unstoppable

Next time; More reports from the front - watch this space!


  1. Massive, nice mix of kit too

    1. Thanks Al. In RF terms we've committed a Russian infantry Division of nine battalions and an Armoured Brigade. Should make it a quick do.

    2. wicked mini campaign mate, great stuff!

  2. Amazing pictures once again, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Phil. Camera is beginning to show its age. May have to invest.

  3. Best Stalingrad game I've ever seen. Love the railway yard and the attention to detail. I feel for Fritz, dying out there, exposed, in a shit-hole, a long way from home..

    1. Thanks for the comment Silent. Talc makes great snow. You feel cooler just walking up to the table. Proving to be an interesting game.

  4. Great stuff again. Your explosion markers are very nice too.



    1. Cheers Pete. The markers could do with being upgraded now as they're a bit old but thanks for the kind comment.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Paul. We know how this story ends but it's still gripping.

  6. Absolutely fantastic. Best AAR ever.

    1. Thanks Sun. The guy's and I really appreciate your comments.

  7. Great stuff, another victory for the glorious Red Army over the fascists.