Monday, 12 September 2016

Stalingrad - The Last Hurrah

Gentle readers you join us at the stage where the Germans try to stave off the inevitable through local counter attacks...
Husbanding the remains of their fuel, the panzers attempt to cut the armoured head off the Russian hydra
 From their forming up point the German armour advances across the start line at the junction...
 ...but the first of the T34's to cross the marshalling yard spots movement
 Eagerly the Russians close up to the attack
 Wild shots executed from the march bracket the target
 ...the Germans reply...
 Meanwhile the Germans counter attack across the road that has been the scene of such carnage in this battle
 Hoping that the Russians have shot their bolt the Germans advance to contact
 ...but the Russians are not done yet...
 ...more arrive...
 disdaining the covering mortar fire

 Back along the railway embankment the infantry make a sweeping move to clear the former German forming up point...
 ...and run slap into an ambush
"Come and get it!"
 The Germans let rip as the infantry breasts the rise
 Casualties are as expected...high
 Meanwhile, more Russians are diverted to the flanking task
 A high casualty rate is just taken for granted
 The advance continues up the road to squeeze the enemy ring even tighter
 Suddenly shells flash past from the German armours flank...
 ...two SU's pitch up to cover the open flank
 ...and more Russian infantry appears from yet another direction
"After you" - "No, no, after you"
 Marder goes up and crew decide to jump for it...
 The ambush comes under mortat fire but there has be a 'fall short' and the Russians themselves get a 'blue on blue' pasting...alas, the fog of war
 Not everyone will get to Berlin
 Every mortar available is brought down to staunch the Russian attack

 Taking fire from front and flank is unnerving the Germans and dividing their fire

 Two are hived off to try and deal with the problem...
 Back at the factory the Germans are locked in close combat with numerically superior Russian forces's close quarter action in the rubble now
 It's the Russians turn to throw everything (even the katyushas) and the kitchen sink into the pot...
 ...even though it is perilously close to their own positions
 A few over shots...
 ...of the proceedings... give some perspective
 Yet more Russian infantry coming into the action
 ...while some just get their breath back ready to give it another go.
 Back in their original positions the Germans realise that they are only postponing the inevitable
 ...another panzer gets damaged...
 ...and another...
 The Russians take hits but can afford them
...and they are closing up for the final act

Next time: 'So long Stalingrad...hello Siberia'


  1. The Germans look like they still might have a chance!

    Excellent mate.

  2. Top notch mate, well modeled

    1. Cheers Al. All done on the cheap. Just add imagination.

  3. More superb stuff Simon. Love the 'brew-up' markers.

    1. Thanks a lot. I mentioned to Ross my markers were getting a bit old and he started to experiment with perspex sheet and glass paint. He did a bang up job, er, no pun intended.

  4. An immersive and beautiful report, well done!

    1. Thanks Phil, we certainly like to get caught up in the story of it all.

  5. Superb- the overview shots have a great sense of scale to them.



    1. Thanks Pete. My wife liked those too. She doesn't often have a look at the blog but she has a talent for spotting who painted what; a real eye for painting style.

  6. gorgeous figures, scenery and a splendid narrative to go with it. I'm hooked!

    1. Thank you Steven. Some of these figures and kits have been 30 years waiting for this.

    2. If you ask me it was worth the wait. Short of basically rebuilding war torn Berlin and doing some 1945 gaming, I'm not sure how you guys could ever top this!

  7. I have just gone back through all your Russian winter posts on your blog. Absolutely fantastic.

    1. High praise indeed from the master of gear and kit, not to mention photography. Your snow scenes are second to none so thanks a lot.

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  8. Very, very impressive sir. Some of those white-washed tanks just blend into the scenery so well .. it all looks so real; the wide roads, the devistation, the snow,... Well done to you and all your helpers and gamers! Truly remarkable.

  9. Thank you very much indeed for your very kind comments. I'll be sure to pass it along to the lads.

  10. really nice job, the terrain table is very well done.

  11. Really excellent stuff. The idea with the perspex markers is great..I´ll Keep that one in mind.