Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Operation Uranus - Breakthrough

They maybe old and yellowing and it may even be a crap paint job but at last the glory day for the winter Russians has arrived (about 35 years late)
KV's supported by infantry, cross the Romanian defences in style
 The Magnolia Brigade clear the trenches
 The follow up battalions wait for tanks to cover their advance in the shelter of the anti-tank ditches
 Romanians share last cigarette...
 Bravely the gunners face down the tanks...
 ...amazingly the Romanians just kept on getting through their morale rolls with outstandingly high results...
 Into a new fall back position
 In RF you usually roll morale per Battalion...
 we thought this too brittle a system for the unique type of separated trench warfare they were engaged in...
 so we rolled by company
 we needn't have worried...
 ...even in the face of T34's crushing wire...
 and crossing trenches with ease, they consistently rolled high
 Out on the Romanian right the cavalry (better late than never) put in some spirited counter attacks
 FPF decimates the Russian infantry...
 ...but they keep moving forward...
 Nothing holds up this attack...
 even when the Romanians get lucky against the armour
 Falling back from their contact with the 'Miss Marple Recce Company' (main offices in Regent St.) the ski company (yogurt importers) watch in horror as a cavalry (Tesco sausage dept.) deploy for an attack...neigh...a charge!
 Scene - Russian right flank
 Grilled sausages
 During the mop up...
 ...even isolated groups fight to the end
At last, the armour can swing left to enfilade the Romanian right. They realise that to approach across the frozen marsh is to court disaster with the continuous crossing of 30 ton tanks (they just can't be allowed to go anywhere you know)
 It's carnage
 The AA wagons come on just in case of last minute surprises
 Romanian infantry cheer as the cavalry go by into the attack
 The KMG is all horse mounted or drawn, even the mortars
 Gun positions overrun
 ...it's a sprint to the finish
 Follow up battalions flood the defences
 A lone captured 45mm ATG tries to defend the Romanian right from the Russian armour but just attracts massive return fire...
 Now, if it was ever anything else, it's a one sided fight
 The Romanian cavalry has been spotted and the Russians mortar their approach...
 ...and prepare their own cavalry for a counter attack...
 The Romanians come out of the shallow valley...
 while the Russians reduce the enemy pocket by fire..
 They shake out into line..
 and CHARGE!
 The Russians respond in kind...
 ...hand to hand and sword across sword...
 the Romanians break!
..but there are enough of them to try and cover the general retreat.

It will be hard and the situation will go from outrageous to impossible. The survivors will endure long and harsh years in PoW camps in Siberia...

My thanks to the guy's for a smashing day's gaming. to Colin for doing unspeakable things to heads, Kraken man for all the Romanians and to everyone for the laughs.

Next: Surrounded - the trap shuts on Stalingrad itself


  1. What did you use for the Romanian cavalry?

    1. Mark, AKA Kraken Man, took Russian RKKA Cavalry from Strelets and Colin, the potentate of plastic, did head swaps for winter Strelets Romanians. Then we covered them all in talc...ersatz snow.

  2. AA wagons! Brilliant, it's all brilliant! Thanks again for sharing fella.

    1. Colin took Hat German wagons and put Orion AA quad MG's on with some Frankenstein troop builds from various body parts...mwahhaha!

  3. Superb- love all the cavalry.



    1. Thanks. The cavalry is a nice change for WW2 from Tigers.

  4. Magnificent as usual - great write up and photos and brilliant terrain and figures and models. Super - WW2 cavalry!

    1. Thanks Sun. We had a very enjoyable time and something different to play with.

  5. Fantastic report - and nice to see some Romanians in action.

    1. Thanks Tim. We like Romanians for the Eastern Front. Colin and Mark have a few surprises to come on not-often-seen troop types for WW2.

  6. Epic!! What a fantastic report, the winter atmosphere is perfect and photos wonderful!