Monday, 6 June 2016

Talavera 2 - Part Three

Spanish lick French! Shock! Horror! Smirk...Spaniards come out of this phase covered in glory...
Villa rides!...well, Los Caballero de Linea rides to be more accurate. It just doesn't trip off the tongue so well. The French Dragoons rue the day they sneered at the cavalry of Spain!
 But there are many French horse about this day
 Spanish Dragoons also appear to force Level into square as he exits the groves
 ...and here come the German French resplendent in tattered and patched uniforms
 The men hear rather than see the fight until the last moment
 Meanwhile, uphill, the British watch more columns approach
 A target rich environment for the RHA
 The British cavalry charge at the forming French now appearing on the left of arc unaware of the hidden gorge to their front...
 ...instead of dithering about who they're supposed to be fighting for the Spanish resolutely form column of attack and march on the invader...
"I'm tapping ze dashboard!!"
 The British cavalry hit the ravine at the last minute but carry on. The colonel make it over on his stallion. Many of the troopers on their old nags do not. The KGL (Col. Schumacker) orders emergency stop coupled with handbrake turn!
 Things getting sticky in the centre...
 Success as the Spanish halt in place...
 ...and fall back to rest. Blown marker in foreground.
 The Grenaderios are back under pressure
 ...from the gunners with a, now, clear field of fire
 Back on the British left the survivors of the jump charge at the the guns...
 ...that fire at point blank!
 The right flank French infantry start to take casualties from artillery across the valley. The ravine is easier to spot here...
 ...and the French cavalry await orders
 The columns have a long climb...
 ...and the Spanish gunners are awaiting them...
 Level's men spot the cavalry and go to square, just in time.
 The, now very plucky, Spanish infantry take them on...
 Column halted, attack faltering... of unpleasantries...
 The Baden square is hit!
 ...but Level's troops determination is showing through
 Casualties mount. Shot and shell scream! Earth gouts! On, on they come...
 On the left he Spanish columns are surprised to say the least that the British are still in their saddles!
 And they've taken the guns!
 'Frenchmen! Form square!
Victorious but battered, bloody and blown the cavalry reforms and collects its wits again

Next time:
Will the line hold?
Will the Spanish capitalise on their new found elan?
How much is it to get a new handbrake cable for a charger?

All this and so much you can't be bothered time!


  1. Once again a great report (and great questions!)...Spectacular pictures, we are in the heart of the action!

    1. Thanks Phil. We're coming up fast on the crux of the game. Thanks for the kind comment.

  2. I do love checking out all the conversions, a colourful division is Leval's. But those blurry photos hurt my eyes #-(

    1. Thanks John. Colin (the potentate of plastic) is our in house frankenstein with the conversions...talented. Sorry for the blurry ones but, you know, the excitement of the game, the speed of the action, ect, ect.

  3. I love it when the Spanish do well; Having such low expectations of them, any success is a bonus!

  4. Great report and a beautiful sight!

    1. Thanks Rodger. As always a good time was had by all. We like our units and games of good size and our markers to add to the aesthetic of the game rather than just keep count.