Sunday, 19 June 2016

Talavera 2 - The Finale

 Oh my, you couldn't make this up (although we did because it's a wargame) Spain continues to hold the wings as the pressure on the British centre becomes unbearable!
Yet another attack by the columns of Level's Division
 ...and again the Spaniards see them off. Level stamps on his hat (not pictured)
 Even the Spanish cavalry makes a good account of itself
 ...but the weight of the attack and quality of the German French forces the Spanish to hold to the last pinned in place
 French Dragoons pour through the breach...
 The regular Spanish try to encline to hold the shoulder of the penetration
 ...but the full power of the French centre, despite it's terrible casualties, wears the British regiments down one by one (and it seamed as though there was only a 'one' on the dice!)
 Scots to square...
 Guards to square...
 Spanish in line, ignored by the cavalry, continue to resist
 ...against relentless pressure
 The Dragoons begin to execute their roll up manoeuvre
 The last of the British cavalry, already badly knocked about, crosses the field to oppose the Dragoons
 Given the respite the Guard go into line just in time to receive columns with hardly another British unit left!
 A clash of cavalry...the Maria Luisia Huzares (in the blue corner) v the Westphalian Chevauxleger
 ...and victory for the Spanish!
 Scots back into line to counter the final attack only to die in a heap
 Stalwart Spaniards hold their own...
 ...but the tide is proving too great for the centre. Only the Guard remains against a sea of Frenchmen...
The French are too late! The grass has caught alight (they ran out of time) and just as the Guard advance to the rear, err, hem, they cannot follow up for the conflagration barrs their way

The French, so close to victory, have to make do with a draw. The departing Allies just have time to shout through the smoke "Them's the breaks matey!"

Thanks as always to the guy's for their company and crap/lucky dice rolling


  1. Viewing from the sidelines', a fitting end to such a titanic struggle—though I'm sure that the players would have preferred the victory.
    Great to see the Spanish doing well, as they did in the real thing.

    1. Smoke on the pitch actually saved the game! Who'd of thought it.

  2. So close to victory, you've written it! What a bloody, spectacular final!

  3. Wonderful sight! Love the photos.

  4. Looks like a very nice game it does!

  5. Thanks Ken. Everybody seemed to see it from a different angle though. Colin swears the Scots won their action but I still saw they ended up dead. Anyhoo, someone remarked it was like reporting on a ball.

  6. There is even a fire! Amazing how real life can turn out :)

  7. Thanks Joao. It's all down to the wonders of cotton wool!