Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Talavera 2 - Part Two

On they come in the same old way.  Driven half mad by singing Frenchmen the RHA go to work on Level's Division...and not a Frenchman between them...
" somebody take out the baritone!"
The Spanish watch the gunners sweat and chomp at the bit to kill the invaders
 Meanwhile, along at Talavera-on-sea, the Spanish Grenadarios form square to receive cavalry; Dragoons that is.
 On they ride with neigh chance of breaking a square...
 First out of the plantation is the skirmish line. German and Spanish sharp shooters go head to head in no-man's-land.
 The Militia stand bravely and await one of Level's columns...
 Uphill the main line is under attack from more columns...
 ...and the rest of the line takes an artillery bashing.
 Reserves are drawn forward...
 ...and the line is steady.
"Senor! you have been selected from many compadres to get seven chances at the Reader's Digest prize draw!"
 Important news arrives
 A Spanish battalion bites the dust assaulted by infantry and cavalry simultaneously...clever move
Still, the line is steady and, as yet, unbroken

Will new Spanish orders turn the tide?
Can the French be stopped?
Can reader's Digest be stopped?
Can the singing be stopped?

Find out next time in another bowel clenching episode


  1. Brilliant stuff! First recorded battlefield promotion of Reader's Digest, methinks.

    I'll have to catch up on part 1, now.

  2. Singing Frenchmen is alright in opera, not when they are marching at you, bayonets levelled and breath hot with garlic.
    Lovely stuff comme d'habitude.

    1. Thanks Padre, I'm tempted to say the French a revolting but they have a lot to complain about, especially that first volley. We'll see how the enfants de la patrie get on next time, DV of course.

  3. Great looking minis and pictures...and interesting questions!

    1. Thanks Phil. Ah, life is full of those awkward little questions; to enfilade or not enfilade, that is the question!

  4. attractive, action packed game mate

  5. Another marvellous instalment Simon.

    Long may you sing!!