Friday, 13 May 2016

Napoleonic Interlude: Talavera 2 - The Re-run

 Replay of our Talavera game seeing it's been set up a while. The Tagus turns into the Volga half way across. While the Volga experiences a bit of a freeze the Tagus is warm and languid. We play this game as a break and because then we can reset for Uranus (it's not funny, it's you) we'll be using the whole table to finish the Stalingrad campaign. Any hoo, the French are bowling from the Pavillion end and get to go first because it's their ball...
Speaking of balls (oh, grow up) the first shot of battle is a cracker for the French artillery
 The roundshot hits the first line...
 ...and goes all the way through to the last line knocking lumps out of everyone in the way
 ...and the British close up. What's not to love about Shako 2?
 Meanwhile, Level's Division marches on through the orchards
 ...and the cavalry take the opportunity to run down the Spanish guns! Screaming into the charge the Dragoons followed by Hussars press down on the enemy to the front! The gunners fluff the shot and are cut down to a man...
Only the bullocks (steady now) are left to chew cud as the gunners are no more...but they hit the line behind who've not managed to form an emergency square and are amazingly mown down...
 ...and bounced back to Toulouse, nearly.
 Level 's Division nearly through the groves already
 From across the valley come the French columns shouting about long live the oompa loompas or some such, before facing a battery of the RHA (who don't approve of singing)
 Yet more columns. This attack is really heating up!
 Several Divisions all on the march. The pas de charge is beating out the old-trou-sers, old trou-sers, rhythm. The fyffes shrill. Bugles call orders. All is colour, noise and death...
The guns of the Spaniards on the hillside join the fracas and the infantry, officers at their head, watch the unfolding drama below...

Next time:
Will the French shock tactics work?
Will the Volga thaw out or the Tagus freeze?
Will I ever find another bargain on ebay again?
Does a Killie pie beat a sausage roll?

All will be ignored next time...keep watching the skies


  1. Wonderful pictures and smoke effects, a great AAR...and interesting questions in the end!

    1. Thanks Phil. We've been wanting to re fight this one for a while as it's a good looking, as well as interesting, game we didn't want to pack away too soon. I have found out since making the Killie pie comment that allegedly Kilmarnock football club are in dispute with the manufacturers of said pie and is production has ceased, sadly. A win for the sausage roll?

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Roger. A couple more sessions of this game to go methinks.

  3. You have left us at an infernally suspenseful moment, sir. A grand spectacle, what this blog is famous for, really. Can you assure us that no bullocks were harmed in the making of this battle?

    1. I shall return, as the chap in the wet trousers proclaimed. As for the bovines we didn't even wing one, no injuries usual it is complete bullocks!

  4. Great pictures and battle report! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Sorry for my ignorance as I'm a relatively new follower but your terrain looks very nice and reminds me of my old sand table - what is it? Any tips to pass on?
    Looks a very good game and I await further news on it.

    1. Welcome. Sorry for the late replies, I've been on holiday. Yes, it is a sand table. I may have an article on this blog about 'How to..' build a sand table or click a 'sand table' post on the right. Any additional info required and I'll gladly answer any questions you have.

  6. Great to see you lot back on the 'real stuff' Simon (my small bias showing there)!
    Lovely looking table and most entertaining report, as every. Looking forward to part 2.

    1. Thanks James. Another post on the way. Colin still working away in the background on more exotic Spanish and Portuguese stuff for the Peninsular.

  7. hey now thank you very much for all the work was well worth the results job well done keep it up...