Sunday, 3 April 2016

Stalingrad: Barrikady - Part Six

 Even though the casualties have been horrendous, and the sweep across the marshalling yard was costly in infantry for not much gain, the rest of the entire Division is making an all out effort against the main buildings of the Barrikady...
It's an infantryman's battle
 A StUG, sIG 33B and the remaining Marder support the landsers through the rubble of the foundry hall to form up for the further assault on the assembly hall
 The fire slackens as one of the Russian Forward Observation parties move location...
 ...this allows a general forward movement for the German infantry... get to cover or cross ground
 A breeze moves the smoke... a ZIS 3 a glimpse of a target
 Meanwhile the dual with the T34 goes the Germans way
 An earsplitting crack...
 ...and a general groan of approval from the PBI
"Loader! Be a good chap and put my ear drums back in, would you?"
 Down the street an F1 has a close shave from the ZIS 3. A 76.2mm AP round glances off the turret at perilously close range...
...and it's raining again

Next time: Where are all these Russians coming from? Is it me or is it getting colder around here?


  1. Superb again- really brings to mind the accounts of the battle that I have read.



    1. Thanks Pete. It's a tight area slog at the moment. Russians putting up a solid defence, as per the actual battle.

  2. Gripping! I love these posts of yours mate.

  3. Fabulous story well told with your miniatures and terrain.

    1. Thanks Sun. Every week I think there will be a breakthrough and every week nada. You can't beat playing in a sand box with plastic soldiers.

  4. Stunning, nice kit and board

    1. Thanks Al. Sand pies and card make for good rubble.