Monday, 25 April 2016

Stalingrad - Part Eight: Barrikady, German Final Push

The big push is on to finally clear the rest of the Barrikady complex. With ready grenades and full magazines the Russians watch the German infantry and Assault Pioneers emerge from cover. The armour, the PBI's only comfort, risk short range anti-tank assault to get them across the lethal gap...
"Wait for it, comrade...wait for it..."
The Russians are going to get their revenge
 The attackers dash forward! NCO's bellow, cajole and exhort. Officers exzude a calm they don't feel in their gut...
 Engines rev! On, on, move yourself!
 Let them get closer...
 ...out from shelter...
 ...get into fire positions...
 Get a bead on your target and....
 FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! The Marder erupts into flame!
 sIG33B puts a 150mm round into the building dead ahead
 The engineers go ape everything to their front
 Down comes the Katyushas
 ...and the mortars...
 All is concentrated into the gap. The killing ground is packed. Truly a target rich environment!
"Huzzah! huzzah! Germanski kaput!"
 Suddenly Russian machine gunners appear behind the Germans from the ground they'd cleared
 The sewers played a large part in the defence of Stalingrad.
 The reserve Pioneer company just happened to be passing at that very moment. They exact a terrible price from the attackers
 The engineers can't hang about and rush on into the maelstrom of the attack
 ...observation... key
 Germans doing what all armies have found they do best, counterattack!
 The infiltration is crushed. Expertly. Brutally.
 Moving to the sound of the guns some of the marshalling yard armour tries to come across to flank...
 ...but wham! a ZIS3 brings the lead vehicle to a shuddering stop
 The reply shot goes wide...
 It's a stand off while the armour assess the threat
Meanwhile, all brace for the worst of warfare...hand to hand

Will the Barrikady fall?
Will the Russians blunt this attack?
Is a bell necessary on a motorbike?
All this and much more from adults playing toy soldiers in a sand time 


  1. Superb again, glad to see the Soviets make use of the sewers.



  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Geordie. I'm old enough to remember when Matchbox was the 'new' stuff. I love the oldies and there's a lot of life left in them yet, especially for conversions.

  3. Some great photos and love the commentary. Excellent post. Really enjoying this series.

  4. Thanks Sun. There's a chill in the air and I think the snow may be coming soon.

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