Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Stalingrad - The Barrikady: Part Four

 It's been a while. I've had a bout of 'flu. But we're back with a bang (of dice) and a marathon day last Saturday. The story so far is that the Germans are bringing down superior forces and overweening fire power on a narrow front to break in to the factory complex environs...
Finally, allotted a target area, the Stuka's roll into their classic dives
 The Militia (Opolchenie) have illuminated their positions by fire imposing damage and a temporary check to the German assault...
 Observed closely now, the Russians are exposed to counter fire from mortars
 The Russians reply in kind with katyushas...
 ...82mm and 120mm mortar fire.

 The air support and the artillery reply
 The western edge of the complex boils with smoke and flame (cotton wool and teddybear stuffing)
 ...and the infantry and supporting armour prepare to move off into the assault
 An ATG is destroyed...
 ...and the supported infantry close in on the corner house (ruin)
 Another ATG is taken out..
 The bombardment intensifies. No chances are to be taken with this attack.
 The infantry guns are moved up...
 ...and frantic repairs are being carried out on damaged vehicles desperately needed in the line
 The Regimental Pioneer Coy occupy the workers houses cellars

 Across the marshalling yard the Bn CO loses his R/T man...
 ...and then disappears himself...
 The corner ruin puts up a fierce defence...
 ...calls down FPF (Final Protective Fire is your last hope before everything gets personal or you leave a forwarding address)

 The armour...
 ...and the infantry have almost made the necessary outflanking move to get at the ruin of choice...
Meanwhile the IG 18's are getting into position...
 ...just having to lift a few mines under fire...
 The successful attack across the marshalling yard has proved pyrrhic for the infantry. Losing their commander at the last minute has broken them and they flee back over the lines.
 Down at the forward edge of the Barrikady, the Militia gird their loins for the inevitable German push...
 ...and hear it comes...
 They break into the right hand buildings to scenes of devastation.
 Assault companies of infantry and pioneers, supported by assault guns, make a dash to the factory walls.
 RF requires you move up to the building edge...
 ...from which the 'break in' phase is decided.
 Morale is still with the Militia at this point.
 But the tide is coming in.
 Support is close...
 ...and immediate.
 The streets leading from the workers houses teem with advancing Germans...
 moving fast between katyusha salvos
 Wickedly effective, the torch helps subdue the final resistance to entry...
 ...allowing a flood of troops to cross without small arms interdiction.
 Kate has the last word this turn... a target rich environment.
They're in. Now two feet from their start line. How horrific must the real thing have been.

Keep tuning in. This one will run and run. We've already vastly reinforced the German infantry and committed a complete 'Rapid Fire' Infantry Division to the battle that was to be a supported Regimental action. We're down one whole regiment and another decimated...we need more reinforcements.

My thanks, as ever, to the guy's who put up with my nonsense...Colin, Mark, Mike and Alan.


  1. Great stuff, must have been a massive meatgrinder to get through nearly two regiments in RF terms.



    1. Thanks Pete. Yes, almost a triple size game in those terms. This FIBUA soaks up infantry at an alarming rate...I'll have to get painting!

  2. Excellent series of posts. I'm really enjoying the pictures and commentary. Looks fantastic.

    1. Thanks Sun. If you'd told me when we started this that we'd still be only two feet up the table at this stage I would have thought it would be a boring or tedious game. The opposite is true. It's exciting, tense and a learning curve all in one. Thanks for commenting.