Monday, 8 February 2016

Stalingrad - Storming the Barrikady Factory District

 Stalingrad a mega post. As the weeks go by I'll get a lot more selective in the picture posts as it will probably become samey. The German assault troops at the forming up point line up for the off...
 The scenario is based on the 'Rapid Fire' one but expanded about 50% initially to compensate for the larger table. We use their special rules too.
 As usual we're waiting for the officers! German 389th Inf Div has put up an expanded 544 Regt. for the initial assault. 14th Pz Div has supplied the 36th Pz Regt as support along with 4 A/T Bn and 13th Pz Engineer Bn.
 Also at the party we have 244 Assault Gun Bn and 389 Artillery Regt.

 There isn't an official FAC for this shindig but 14th Pz HQ is going to do the duty ....if the CO, G2, ADC or anybody with a clipboard can read a map....
 Form up... they go...
 It's a mega post because so much happened in so short a time and needs some explaining
 As the infantry went off the smoke (err..giant fried eggs) started to go down after company move off all along the start line...
 The embankment is higher than in actual fact but is a barrier to a tank attack as there is only a tunnel for transport so far...
 First shock!
 The T34 is seen immediately as the first wave slither down the bank and make for the row of workers houses...
 The crew wake up fast and spray the front with all its got
 The infantry is committed and gets close to the rubble
 The engines roar accentuated by the tunnel announces the first of the tank support...
 ...quickly followed up by the succeeding vehicles...
 The edge of the marshalling yard is reached without incident...
 ...the 105mm FH18's keep up the smoke fire missions
 The houses come alive with small arms fire. The Germans take a pasting but it's not all one way.
 More tanks roar through into the smoke and firing.
 The Russian infantry of the 308th Rifle Div. hold the line of the houses in force.
 MMG's set up on the bank to give cover to the storming companies
 An observer zeros in on the advancing Germans.
 Bn HQ pushes the men on, not quite realising that it's not artillery but a mine field!
 The supporting T34 starts up. He gets a shout from the infantry about the armour trying to outflank him
 Close assault.
 Germans take heavy casualties crossing the open to make their attacks
 MMG's keep up their relentless supporting fire
 ...but the casualties rack up
 The lead Pz III get a shot off as the T34 reverses. It's a hit. Only a slight damage, a glancing shot.
 Meanwhile, the corner house takes a beating. Pz IV F1's and PZ III N's pump 75mm rounds through the walls and windows.
 The other tanks skirt round and on to the cross roads.
 T34 revs out. Spins on its tracks...
 ...and shoots the Pz III in the turret.
 Another assault goes in...while a guy with a beard and a pink shirt watches from out of the blue, for some reason....
 The workers houses are swarming with defenders
 It's a hard slogging match
 Suddenly the smoke drifts to reveal a T70 at under point blank range!
 The gunners pour in the fire.
 Only the 150mm pieces are heavy enough to get the cellars to cave in.
 They fire non stop.
 The tanks are so close to the buildings (allowed with infantry support) that one falls victim to anti-tank rifles!
 Infantry continue across the yard
 Forced back the Germans gather for another go!
 This lot were so battered about that they went to ground, pinned.
 Russians shout insults from the buildings! "Call that a painted barge!?" they cry (must sound funnier in Russian)
 Middle house taken!
 Cross roads occupied...
 Broken Battalion heads for cover...
 A second house falls!
 At last the engineers have got the ramp built.
 Assault Pioneers wait to go in.
 More tanks deploy
 The corner house just won't give in!
 At the other end of the row the Germans, having secured next door, with a higher bid, enfilade the defenders.
 Detritus of the German failure to take the corner house lies all around
 ...some never made it past the start line.
 The Germans are taking hold...
 ...and consolidating.
 Now they can see the enormity of their task!
 The corner house hangs on. Must belong to Sgt. Pavlov!
 At the other end they hang on grimly. The toll rises.
 Up goes 244 Assault Gun Battalion.
 ...and the other side of the yard looks a long way away.
 It's eerily calm for them.
 4th A/T Bn arrive and get forward.
 A Pz III, burnt out, sits forlornly as a coffin for its crew.

The German advance got exactly one foot (30cm) from the start line.

It's going to be a hard battle....


  1. Superb game- lovely to follow the pics and the action.



  2. Magnificent. Great looking figures and kit and of course the terrain is just superb. I'm looking forward to the next instalment.

    1. I'm still in a daze from the game. I've wanted to do it for so long I can't believe it's all happening.

  3. Happy to look at such intense actions on this wonderful terrain...Great pictures!

    1. Thanks Phil. It is a bit 'blow by blow' but it's fascinating to play out and the blog will be a nice reminder once it is all by.

  4. Hi, The man in the pink top here. I would just like to say that looking from the first row of buildings at the embankment as the Germans attacked was a really scared Russian soldier. When asked how many enemy were coming he pinched a phrase from the as yet unfilmed Zulu film......there are thousands of them!!!!!!

  5. Great day, you have a real winner here.

    1. Thanks to you. Just finished the barges so the reinforcements can get over the Volga. It's set to run and run. It'll be Omaha all over again only bigger.

  6. Definitely wishing I was there...

    1. Thanks Paul. It may still be going on next time you're up.