Thursday, 4 February 2016

Stalingrad - Into the city

 40,000 people died in the first two days of the bombing of Stalingrad by the Luftwaffe. By the time the German Army had fought its way towards the Volga through the modern show piece of an industrial centre, the city was a 20 mile strip of rubble smeared along the river bank.
A JU87B flies over, one of the objectives of this RF scenario, the office block, just left of the aircraft
 The rubble and ruins are almost as difficult to build as and other model or scene. Mistakes are made (like putting a lamp post in the middle of the road) I must speak to Mr. Brown... must make sense; things have to be there for a reason eg a factory cannot be in a field without roads, workers houses, etc
 You can easily become maudlin reading about Stalingrad and the horror of it all
 A whole people faced the prospect of slavery or of going out of existence altogether...
 ...fortunately they, along with the free people of the world, wouldn't go quietly into what evil had planned for them
 I've long wanted to do a section of this epic battle so, we've dusted off the old RF scenario book and done our best to recreate the scene
 Much research and preparation has gone into the project so far...
 ...and sprue, corrugated card...
 ...old rail track, scatter....
 card (for civil engineering)
 ...old rolling stock including...
 ...Thomas the tank engine...ovich
 ...foam core, sand and lichen....
 ...kit scenery bits (formerly Matchbox)
 ...matchsticks, Frontline trucks and lamp posts...all the way from China
 ...Airfix, of course, fuse wire, bits out of electrical components (wait til the wife tries to turn on her hair drier) and anything that remotely looked like machinery
 A hammer was useful for the craters...
 Thanks to the Royal Mail for the oil storage tanks, though they thought it was the posters we wanted
 Colin again came up trumps by providing about 40 feet of pavement...I kid you not. Poor guy sees linka in his sleep now...
 The effect is pretty realistic looking...
 Thanks to Stuart at ASM (Any Scale Models) for donating rail loads and supplies for the marshalling yard...
 ...cocktail sticks and stirrers...
 ...even sand pressed against a board and sprayed produced a fair effect
 ...all carefully placed and sprinkled with sand and light grey scatter.
 The buildings have to be accessible so many just have part walls...

 ...a suggestion of a large building...
 ...or an outline of where they we supposed to have once stood...
 The main problem with sand is to get it flat. It's not normally a problem until it has to be flat
 The German start line is this railway embankment
 German view...
Russian view...

I think I can hear tank engines...or is it just tinitus


  1. So realistic and so atmospheric, excellent!

    1. Thanks for your comments Phil. Kick off Saturday so watch for updates.

  2. Very atmospheric set up.



    1. Thanks Pete. It's the largest city scenario I've done so far.

  3. Great scenery and very wargamable. Not easy to make both but you scored top marks!

  4. Joao, good to hear from you mate! Thanks a lot. The proof of the pudding, as we say, is in the eating...or, time will tell if we have it right. Thanks for the confidence!

  5. Very impressive. I built a set a Stalingrad model for Crossfire and used cardboard, kitty litter and lots of PVA glue. For factory chimneys I used the tubes you blow into when stopped for random breath tests.

    Looking forward to seeing your terrain in action.

    1. Sounds familiar! Don't make my mistake, use fresh kitty litter! Thanks Sun.

  6. Great stuff! Must have taken ages to set up - the game will look fantastic!

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you. I'll be posting the 'story so far' sometime this week DV

  8. I have never said this before about Stalingrad, but I wish I was Scotland.

  9. Oustanding! You have outdone yourself!

    1. Thanks Paul. As they say, time spent in recce is never wasted

  10. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot. Sand and card are pretty versatile media to work with.