Friday, 12 February 2016

Stalingrad: The Barrikady - Part two

 The fierce fighting continues to exact a crippling toll from the German attackers...
Having secured the junction a siege within a siege is going on in the workers houses close to the rail embankment
The broken German battalion takes casualties even while it tries to extricate itself from the fire sweeping the front of the corner house
 Meanwhile the Germans in the middle houses are beginning to feel like the hole in the polo mint
 The 4th Battalion is still moving across the marshalling yard when they come under a deluge of mortar fire. 82 and 120mm rounds bracket the troops as they advance to the objective.
 They are told to look out for friendly armoured support coming in from their right
 At the next junction a T34 waits to ambush the panzer column
 The assault pioneers mover up to deal with the end house...
 ...while another assault pioneer company prepare to assault the corner house and cellar
 T34 gets a bead on a Marder III and...
 Wham! Got him!
 Katyushas bracket the middle houses. Clearly the Russians aren't too worried about a 'blue on blue'
 The end house falls to cross fire before the pioneers get there...typical
 ...the cost has been high and the defenders have perished to a man.
 The sIG33B rolls up to the corner house and put a 150mm round in at point blank range...
 ...smoke covers the assault party... they scramble over the embankment. Again the pioneers miss out taking the corner house because the sIG33 has finished them off.
The promised tank support arrives and the infantry gets cover to get to the other side of the yard.

With the workers houses in german hands along with the junction exit to the tunnel and the majority of the yard, the Germans are feeling confident but battered. The losses in armour are acceptable for close built up area fighting...but the infantry losses are becoming a problem. If reinforcement doesn't come soon the assault will falter.

So far, left hand German advance 4ft. Right hand, still only a foot. One battalion in reserve, one routed, three at about 50%...but the Stuka support is coming.... 


  1. Hi Pink ex Kracken man here. Do we have any idea of soviet loses? And how much destruction did the Soviet mortar Battalion cause? And how much is a pint of milk?

  2. Great stuff. Superb photos.



    1. Thanks Pete. Everyone involved is keyed up to see where the action goes next.

  3. Good mix of models, too - I don't think I've seen a close-up of a SiG in action before. Stirring stuff!

    1. Wondered when I would ever get to use it! Thanks Paul.

  4. Just great... can please send me a list of praising adjectives? In english, please.

  5. 'Not bad' is usually the highest praise in English. Thanks Joao, there's more to come.