Friday, 19 February 2016

Stalingrad: The Barrikady - Part Three

The continuing saga of the siege sees the Germans expanding their lodgement in the workers houses area so they can bring up more heavy weapons
As the companies work their way down the streets to the factories they've learned to keep their eyes open for traps, snipers and ambushes...
 The sIG33B demolishes the fence...err, matchsticks, and moves up in support of the infantry at the end of the road
 One unit tries a dash across the road to the nearest wall of the factory buildings...
 Two STUG's drive over the road and try to shield the next infantry move...
 Nothing moves. No sign of life.
 In the absence of a parking ticket machine, or any change, the Div HQ shoot the parking warden and park up anyway. Clattering towards the grease monkey wagon comes the severely battered Pz III lone survivor of its Coy.
 Out on the marshalling yard the Pz III's protect the infantry as they near the other side. Mortar fire falls ineffectively to the rear.
 Still, it encourages the men to get a move on.
 Smoke from the X rd's drifts across covering the advance...unexpected bonus!
 Out on the road the panzers cover said cross roads
 The last surviving Russian comes out of the cellar of the corner house. Just one survivor!
 Smoke clears and...Ooops! Gunner load HE! Fire at will! Bow let them have it!
Tankski! Kill it! Kill it! Kill it!
 Surprise cuts both ways. A 45mm ATG and some infantry in the ruins at the corner of the yard react to the German tank just appearing out of the smoke
 Both ATG and grenades miss! Poo-ski!!
 Across a couple of blocks and another 45mm ATG gets the drop on one of the STUG III's...
 This time it's a hit...and he's heavily damaged
 Fire erupts from the factory and annihilates the unit crossing the road (If only they'd learned the Green Cross Code)
 Rounds beat up the streets of houses
 The factories are alive with defenders
 Helpless the Germans watch from the top floor of a captured house
 The workers militia are defending their factories. They put down a withering fire.
 Defence in depth is the order of the day.
 The regular RKKA are going to help make the Germans pay....
 ...they occupy every nook and crannie...
 The German infantry absorbs the shock
...and now get into 'pay back' position...I think I can hear Stuka's...yeah, I can

Keep watching the skies 


  1. Great set-up and excellent photos!

  2. Thanks Gordon. Really enjoying the game and the photography too.

  3. Superb- love the worker's militia.



  4. Thanks Pete, so do I. Colin has been keeping these for a rainy day...and it's pouring just now.

  5. Once again, great stuff! Love the shot of Thomas the Tankski!

    1. ...and comrades. You'll have to read the blog in Ringo's voice now!

  6. More stunning photos - looks like a great game too!

  7. Thanks Stryker. It's an exciting one, that's certain.

  8. O for awesome mate. Well played sir!

  9. Thanks Paul. Game night can't come fast enough these days.

  10. I've come late to the party and have just read all the Stalingrad posts. Epic stuff as only you can tell it, sir. Underneath the humour of your captions, which I always enjoy, there is a real sense of the viciousness of FIBUA.

  11. 'Tis a fine line Padre. A game, yes, but depicting horrendous events. Not unlike being taken to the Roman arena determined not to look yet compelled by the roar of the crowd to open your eyes and then being unable to look away. I hope it doesn't all end up coming across all 'heavy' nor too flippant.