Friday, 13 November 2015

Part Two - Op. Seydlitz...Ivan's Revenge

  It's one thing to surround the enemy and quite another to go in and get him. Dug in and waiting he will hit you, sure, but when and from where?
The Cossacks pick their way through the marsh land as the supporting infantry begin to enter the morass.
 5th Pz Div's tank support runs over the first surprise...mines!
 Support goes into their frenzied set up...
 Meanwhile, the Russian right flank gets probed by the cautious and watchful cavalry
 Unknown to the German attackers their artillery has caused significant casualties on the Russian infantry but they are in position and ready to strike back.
 Another Pz III goes over a mine. This one is completely destroyed.
 Always cover your mine field with fire. Sappers make sitting targets unless you take elaborate counter measures...
 We were surprised to get this shot through the periscope. We use them for the battles because you cannot get the sand absolutely flat. We constantly have to check vision for dead ground, hull down shots, etc.
 This is the same shot but from the camera hovering over the trench. Oopsy! Despite the fluff and cotton mean, smoke and flame, the Russian defenders have been spotted.
 They can hear the action but they are far...on their outflanking manoeuvre
 The IG 18 takes up position in the trench formerly occupied by the Russian 45mm. They'll check the dead guy for Intel and booty.

 The Pz III takes a pop at the trench...
 ...and the FH 18's rounds come down with a vengeance
 The Cossacks are just about through the bog on the left of the Russian positions...
 ...but the PBI are still stuck in the morass. A continual linear obstacle, as the Rapid Fire rules have it, means the dice decide your speed each turn...unlucky for some!
 Because it's quite a wide marsh...
 ...thankfully the horses can cope where the wheeled tows can't.
 Suddenly, as the Cossacks get onto the former ground of the wooded scrub, two Russian infantry coy's appear as if by magic. They pour a concentrated volley of fire into the advancing Cossack company.
Horses and men go down and the contact heats up...

Next Time: Hitting the MLR


  1. Stirring stuff, Simon. That periscope photo is great.

  2. Thanks, Paul. I was really surprised that it worked out. I've tried before but this is the first time it has worked.