Monday, 16 November 2015

Part Three - Desperation

'Seydlitz' is going well for the Nasties. A desperate situation is being steadily made worse by the wide outflanking move of the Cossacks. I don't know about you but this is a first for me...cavalry attack on an anti-tank gun.
First shot out of the barrel is a miss...clearly not a situation they were expecting
 Meanwhile, following their creeping barrage, the German infantry get ready for the close assault stage (this is where the endless repetition, shouting of the NCO's and the boots up the backside from training pays off)
 The last survivor of the punishing 105mm barrage attempts to fall back to the next line of trenches...
 ...but it's not much healthier further back
 ...the casualties are mounting...

 ...and the anti-tank rifle doesn't make it.

 Our outflanking Cossacks get into position
 Mortars join in with the bigger stuff...
 ...the trench lines are taking a beating
 The Cossacks have identified the target and pull up...
 ...they dismount to attack on foot (as per the RF rules)
 The horse holders keep the animals calm but it takes bayonets out of the attacking strength
 They didn't have to worry as their overwhelming small arms and grenade attack was completely successful... they follow through to regroup.
 If the Germans get hung up on the wire the surviving infantry may get their own back
...but on the Russian left flank the Russians release their own Cossacks into the more open ground

Next time: Finale?


  1. I love this series of posts mate. A+

    1. Thanks Paul. We like a good series. Can't tell which way it's going to go at this stage. Watch this space...

  2. Stirring stuff. Will we see cossack on cossack action?

    1. Oh, I think so Paul! It's shaping up to be quite internecine. Seeing some of Colin's plans we are getting a bit carried away with the WW2 never know who will show up on the Eastern Front next but for now Cossack v Cossack...oh, yeah!