Friday, 20 November 2015

Part Four - Annihilation

The Germans enjoy superiority of fire power and manoeuvrable elements...and it is telling...
The line of former Russian positions is reached and occupied.
 The right flank coy moves under the covering fire of the first coy.
 The wire is an obstacle inside an obstacle and would have been formidable had it not been for the efficiency of their artillery.
 Deadly is the FOO party...
 Trying to duck out the back way the few surviving Russians try to withdraw (sprint) towards the rear even though the bombardment is still raining down. They know that to stay is to replaced by a marker.
 Meanwhile the Russian Cossacks dismount into a skirmish line to shoot at targets of opportunity on the edges of the wood.

 Across the field the German Cossacks have the same notion.
 The mortar fire is thick and fast. It is intermingled with heavier salvoes of 105mm rounds.
 The Russians making their way forward through the scrubby woodland are, as yet, unaware of their right flank unit crumbling.
 Crew and weapon take a direct hit.
 Remounted, the German Cossacks now sweep around the open flank into the spares cover of the open wood.
 Oops! the skirmish line is suddenly charged and is destroyed.
 The horse holders don't hold their horses but mount and beat it!

 The available artillery concentrates on the still advancing Russians.
 ...but the cavalry has got behind those trying to retreat and there is no option but to surrender.
 The aerial shot shows the hopelessness of their situation... fact, it's not looking good all round!
 The far hill is in German hands and is idea for the further FOO party.
 Back on the line the Russians are being chewed up by the artillery. There is no protection and no reply.
 The Germans advance...
 ...over a moonscape of destruction...
 ...the flank crumbles. Not due to lack of will but annihilation.
'Comrades, has anyone seen my ear drums?'
 ...still the Russian officer waves his men on! Keen, you know officers, and when they lead from the front in a bad situation you know the paddle has been misplaced during this particular boat trip.
 No news is good news at the road block.
 ...but they help deliver some bad news to the hill...
 ...still leaving...
 ...still stuck in the marsh...
 ...still at the back of the queue, but, hey, who's complaining?
 The Cossacks are vulnerable to 120mm mortar fire. Revenge is sweet.
 It's looking rather sticky for the Russians in the wood. How much more of this can they take?
'Wow! And me without a camera.'
 The German cossacks reach, and are careful not to fall in, the ravine that was covering part of the flank.
 Smoke falls...
'Stand to! We're next!'
 ...accurately on the road block.
 Finally the Russians break.
 The German infantry is tardy at the follow up...
 ...but they get onto the hill at last.
All that survives is the actual road block itself. Fear feeds on's a good job they're plastic.

Next: This the end?


  1. Great pictures, love your realistic terrain...

  2. Your figures never cease to amaze me - you even have surrendering Ruskies!

    1. Yes, the PPSh weighs about 15 lbs. I've handled one with the 50 round drum and without a sling you'd get a hernia! Only so many Russian soldiers would be capable of swinging one about the head like the Italeri figure so the rest can give it up to the giving up...if you know what I mean.

  3. It looks the end to me!


    1. Yup. Can't disagreed with your reading of the Russian chances but thanks for the thumbs up!

  4. It does look rather grim for Ivan.
    This may be a first in wargames blog history, featuring dismounted Cossacks vs dismounted Cossacks. How cool is that?
    I too have snipped the SMG off those plastic Russians to turn them into POWs to be. Great minds think alike, I see.
    Loving these posts.

    1. Thanks, Padre. In RF you dismount to fire so I did and, in the rock, paper, scissors of the confrontation, promptly got charged!

  5. Your pictures tell a great story and the earth and blast effects look superb.

  6. Thanks a lot. I've been following your posts with interest. Your scenery and figures/vehicles are superb. I'm aspiring to the level you've set.

  7. And your blog, sir, is the sole reason I have not given up on RF. (or plastics!) Love it! Please keep the AARs coming.

  8. Hi There are always more Russians. As we will see in time. Make hay while the sun shines the Germans will not be so clever when the snow comes. Matt varnish Kracken man here.

  9. Phew! I'm glad there are more Russians on the way...we're down to our last 23 RF battalions the Russian tows going?

  10. Yes but this will be total war. You can lose 23RF battalions on the way to the shops. As for the tows I hope to showcase one in the very near future, the VERY near future.

    1. Never a truer word spoken in jest! I look forward to your horse tow unveiling ceremony.

  11. You know how to tell and illustrate stories...great report...