Friday, 6 November 2015

Operation 'Seydlitz' - July 1942

 Camouflaged at the road block a ZIS 76.2mm anti-tank gun awaits trade. It blocks the road through the marshy and wooded area south of Rzhev, the direction Model's 9th Army gets its supplies from.
This scenario has been taken from the Rapid Fire 3rd Supplement and is being played out while we dot the tee's and cross the eyes of the Stalingrad scenario...
'Err, comrade, is that how you spell welcome in German?
 ...the block is well defended... so it should be for the Germans have bypassed this whole area and the remnants of the Russian 39th Army and the XI Cavalry Corps have burrowed into the cover to a) survive and b) be a thorn in the Germans side.
 This is the north face of the encircled area. The Russian units are very much reduced...
 ...but they are determined to fight.
 The preliminary bombardment announces the German arrival and straight way there are casualties
 Smoke mixes with the HE...

 ...and the German advance is on. In the real action all the recce cavalry from all the regiments were formed into a single unit for action in the woods and swamps but we here have a change to show off Colin's Cossack cavalry in German service. Troops often used in anti-partisan operations behind the front. They had no love of Uncle Joe...

 Limited support comes from 5th Pz Div. in the shape of Pz III's
 The infantry is grateful for the cover of the smoke... are all the attackers, no doubt...
 The Panzers will only be able to get as far as the edge of the woods and restrict themselves to support and whatever the engineers can do for them.
 ...the main mobile striking arm with be the cavalry backed up by the infantry and artillery...
 The artillery have the workbench in range...
 They've drawn first blood from the Russians...

 The view from the Russian positions isn't the best....
 Soon the Cossacks sweep into the marshes...
 ...poor visibility but good going...
 Most of the support weapons are horse drawn..
 But it looks like the smoke screen is incomplete...
 Yeski! We have a target.
 On 'Reserved Fire' it proves a swift exchange and the 45mm ATG pops at a Pz III but gets a salvo in exchange....could be worse but the gunners suffer a casualty and the tow is hooked up at the double...
One tank is put about a bit but nothing too serious and the advance carries on under cover of the screen.

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  1. Great report with fantastic and realistic pictures!

    1. Thanks Phil. I'll try to get more of them in focus for next time.

  2. Wonderful pictures and terrain!

    1. Thanks, I'm still working on the Stalingrad stuff but the marshes turned out quite well.

  3. Inspiring stuff. Love the bombardment markers and terrific to see cavalry in a WW2 game. Bravo!

    1. I thought the markers were getting a bit old but glad you like them. The cavalry was Colin's brainchild. He saw the Russian Cossacks from Revell and his imagination went into overdrive.

  4. Excellent! More eye candy for the masses!

  5. Awesome, the painting of your figures is so consistent

  6. Thanks Al. Enough to get them on the table but short of works of art...way short

  7. Nice looking scenario and interesting early/mid-war kit

    1. Cheers Geordie. RF has a few good scenarios to play out in the book. They always seem to give you a wide variety of the kit that was present even if some is useless.