Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Peninsular: Level's Division

 While waiting a hundred and thirty odd years for Tallinn to become Stalingrad and be smashed to dust I thought you might like to see Kraken man's latest contribution to our megalomania....Level's Division of the Army of Spain
As the Division debouches onto the arid and desolate plains of Ayrshire...err...the Spanish Peninsular we see them practice their battle drills
 The Frankfurt Battalion sizzles under the grilling sun...
 The Dutch 2nd Battalion deploys from column to line with skirmishers out....
 ...shadowed by the Dutch 4th Battalion

 The grenadiers of Baden's 1st Battalion are ragged and patched but seasoned and hard....
 ....their skirmishers are used to the sun beating down on them but their weapons are well kept and ready for action...
 Kraken man has captured the feel of these fighters who have none to comfort them in this hostile place but their comrades in arms...
 Hess Darmstadt strides out into smooth formation changes
 ...lines...skirmishers out!
 ...a match for any enemy of their Emperor...
 ...and not a Frenchman amongst them!
 Let the enemy come!
 Level's division is ready!
 Kraken man has a good eye for what figures go well together
 As you can see...
 ...many are Hat French infantry 1808-12...

 ...cut about and repainted...
 ...and some are the Hat Wurtembergers with some judicious slicing and painting
 Meanwhile, somewhere across these same plains are equally foreign troops...(Strelets)
 ...only these enjoy the blessing of the populace. Under the watchful eye of the Provost Marshall of course.
 They patrol for signs of the old enemy...

...and want his blood (no, I didn't paint blood on the sabre. It was the silver flaking off to reveal the red plastic underneath....I need better primer!)

Keep watching the sky's!....err..sand


  1. Wow, splendid units here, great details...such as blood on the sabre!

    1. I've just got some new primer so I hope I can keep the blood off the sabres. Kraken man did a great job.

  2. Those Light Dragoons are really good. Which blue paint did you use?

    1. Standard Humbrol acrylic my friend. I must say that Strelets stuff gets better and better.

  3. That is a lot of work and attention to detail, good stuff. Bring on the Brits.

    1. Thanks for that. Kraken man will be pleased. Brits,Portuguese and Spanish all waiting in the wings.

  4. The 'German division' is a really colourful one and you have done it proud Simon. Wonderful looking troops!
    More please!

    1. I'll pass along your praise, thanks. I think he's made them look like veterans. Roll on Talevera!

  5. Great figures and what a nice, fast and beautiful painting stlyle. Everything is there. Congratulations!

  6. Thanks, Joao. Kraken man has quite a technique going on there....he likes his figures to shine!