Friday, 21 August 2015

Stalingrad - Part three; They think it's all over!

The final couple of moves went as expected in this the opening gamut of the Stalingrad campaign. A historical result is always most gratifying...
The Russian battalion closest to the German encircling forces is forced into the open and decides that a quick 'Huzzah!' across the ground towards the flank of the next nearest enemy is their last option
 The flank Coy turns to face the threat...
 ...and the mortars get shot in over open sights...
 The Wespe 105's also put in cross fire at short range too
 The anti-tank rifles get lucky for the last time before being wiped out by and infantry supported tank attack
 It's not a good day to be in this particular Bn.
 Meanwhile, half the available Panzer-grenadiers cross the skyline where the ill fated recce Bn got chewed up...and take a bit of punishment themselves from the pre-zeroed 82mm mortars
 Alas, there wasn't anywhere for the last T70 to hide...
 The maxim riddles the exiting crew of the 251/1 as it begins to cook off...

'Hey, Germans! Berlin is that way, comrade!'
 Better news for the Bn in the collective farm buildings as they see off the Germans before them
Yet for many, surrounded now and cut off from the road East, a cruel captivity awaits...

So, the first game of the campaign ends historically enough. The Germans can't move fast enough nor fully cut the Russians off from flight. The Russians suffer two thirds of their force (7 inf and 1 tank Bn's) destroyed or captured. The Germans lose perhaps 20% of a force less than half the size of the Russians but it is still seen as too much loss for too little gain.

My thanks to the chaps for an interesting few evenings.

Next - Into the city!


  1. Hi. Thanks for the report. What material did you use for the blast markers? Poly Fil stuffing? It seems denser than that. Thanks.

    1. Hi Schogun, One of my posts is about making fake bangs and it explains how to do it. The fluff varies from pillow stuffing, duvet filler and bought teddy bear stuff to good old cotton wool.

    2. Ah, thanks. I didn't check for "smoke" in your list of labels.

  2. Seems to be a great game, beautiful figures and photos!

  3. This is like Game of Thrones: we have to wait for next season...

    1. The only thing I have in common with GoT is the cast gets slaughtered quite often. The guy's are anxious to keep up the pace so you won't have too long to wait.

  4. I love that last shot of the surrendering Ivan's. Excellent series of post mate.

    Well done.

  5. Thanks, Paul. I want to do the figures for as many situations as possible. Sometimes you have to get a bit creative.