Sunday, 23 August 2015

Quick T34 Painting

Three views of Hat Industries 1:72 plastic T34/76 in various stages of undress. You get two in a pack for about eight quid as of today's prices give or take. They are good workmanlike kits, easy to build and fine for larger units where you need a shed load.
If you are doing a temperate colour scheme then slap on some green paint. Make it light/mid green because the dark or bronze green colour scheme was a short lived Finnish War colour far as my potted reading has taken me.

And 'slap' is the word. Expand the first group of three pics and you'll see it's a rough, fast paint job. Then, put 50/50 paint and water in your tin lid, jar, pallet or what have you and QUICKLY line everything. Where barrel meets mantle, hatches, grills, wheels, exhausts, joins, weld lines and anywhere that dirt might gather....look at the next three pics expanded.

Then the best technique you'll ever need...the dry brush! No,no stop crying, there, there it'll be OK....blow your nose and wipe your eyes it's me, I'm a modeller.
Take the brush, large and soft (no, put that down. It's a roller) and dip it in very light grey paint, any really light grey reasonable quality paint. Then wipe of nearly all the paint on a cloth or paper, it's not a waste...the result is exquisite (good). Once you've done that draw a line on your thumb with the nearly dry grey brush and you should see your thumb print clearly highlighted (if you can't..too little, if you paint your thumb completely grey..too much). Once you see your print, bingo, you're ready. Turn the model upside-down and start on the bottom tracks (that's easier to hide if you've miscalculated) and then scrub the vehicle all over. Yes, all over and don't forget the end of the barrel as it makes everything with detail stand out....see the last three pics. You see, you get detailing and weathering in one. Easy. Looks like you spent hours detailing. TIP: Use acrylics, it's just quicker.
OK, questions?....if not then get on with it.


  1. Thats the ticket. Excellent post!

  2. Nicely said and even better done!!

  3. Joao, Paul, thanks guy's for your kind comments...Do not adjust your set! It's just, as Colin says..."Computers ain't what they used to be..." By way of explanation I was updating some labels on my old posts and when I'd finished, this one popped up! It's a couple of years old (no one had commented on it before you kind gents) and I dare not remove it for fear I would lose it for good...Ah! That's much better. Confession IS good for the soul.