Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Howzat!? - Last of the Conversions

I don't know how it was done, so perhaps some of you bright folk will guess, or even know...or may have done such already
I suppose that, once you're on a roll so to speak, you get the bit between your teeth (no pun intended) and away you go.
 I may try this with some of my 2WW stuff. Take the best of two or three figures and make something different...
 It could go horribly wrong but, if these are anything to go by, the results could be very satisfying.
 This one is my favourite
 He doff's his hat, gentlemanly, as befits the era...
 ...I suppose it is a sword replacement job...
 ...but so well done...
Ten out of ten in my book. Good day to you all.

OK, next it really will be what I said before, honest.


  1. These pieces of true art were made:
    number 1- horse from polish lancers, body from scots grey; head from austrian inf, all Esci
    number two- the same but hat is Airfix grenadier.
    So, does that entitles me to receive one (at least) of these two minis for free in my home?
    Give a big Congratulations to the author!!!

  2. Good work mate, nice additions

  3. Lovely work, sir. Hat waving gent is tres elegant. I lack the courage to try this, myself.