Thursday, 23 July 2015

Tony's Massive Collection! - A True Tale of Dedication

 Gather round and hear a story remarkable, some may say epic, but true for aye that...
Tony, fae Glesga toon, with input from pals long scattered, had a passion for Napoleonics with, astoundingly, no desire to war-game...just collect and paint, collect and paint...plastics.
 When he started there were but a handful of types to be had but, by conversion and the ever expanding ranges that became available, he decided to do, well, everything!
 Russians (both cut about French  and eventually Esci) Prussians, Austrians, Brunswickers, Belgians British and, of course, the French. Basing is not his strong suit, but that's not necessarily a draw back when you consider the scale of his endeavour.
 The collection grew and grew...
 ...General Staffs added...
 ...cavalry mustered 30, 40, 50 to a regiment...
 Regiment upon regiment...
 Some Prussian units 24 apiece...
 Austrians nearly 60!
 Whatever took his fancy, he did...
 ...and on a huge scale...
 When we put on Waterloo Tony came down to see it play out.
 He said he had a big collection but that he had never seen it out all at once, not in all his twenty plus years of painting and collecting!
 "Bring it down and we'll set it up" says I. " A dream come true!" says he. It's the last thing holding me down, he said and I want to travel so I'm going to sell the lot but I want to see it all up just once.
 So, set it up we have but it has taken six evenings to set out and to count, definitively, what he has
 He says he'll put it on eBay by the army! Good luck with that!?
 ...but it's all there, carts and all...
 ...he's done a few additions and conversions...
 ...quality varies but it's overall good, some is smashing, some basic...
 Waterloo put 7,134 figures on the table. It was the most I'd ever seen of plastic figures in one place in one battle...
 ...but this collection is mega, even though it ranges from 1805 to 1815 in some styles.
 The whole collection...
..foot and mounted...
 ...comes to a handful shy of...
11,000...I kid you not...eleven thousand!

"By the way..." says he, "I've got 54's as well."

Pass the smelling salts...


  1. Astounding indeed!
    Thanks for sharing pictures of the collection.

  2. He must be at least 140 years old if he paints at my rate! Truly astounding!!!

  3. Marvellous, just the kind of nutter the world needs. Persuade him to do the SYW next.

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  5. Just an amateur! I have around 35.000 already painted (all eras many napoleonic)!
    On the other hand... i'm 47 and painting since 11 so I think he will get to it eventually. Congratulations on your beautiful collection!! :):):)

    1. I would be interested to see your collection all laid out at once. Can you arrange it? That would be a tremendous sight, Joao!

    2. Glups... Thanks but no. Let me do it piece by piece. I promise I will never call amateur to no one, ok? :)

    3. But we ARE amateurs. Don't let that worry you. I enjoyed that video of some of your Napoleonic gear that you posted a while back. Maybe an extended version of that? I really like your WW2 stuff too!

  6. What an effort. They need some gloss varnish to round them off. Labour of love they must be. See you in two weeks where the comrades will fight their first action.

  7. Looking forward to it...are the comrades shiny?