Sunday, 5 July 2015

Dragooned into changes afoot...

 The Prince of Polymer, his royal high panjandrum of plastic surgery, Colin, has come up with a tale of daring do the like of which we haven't seen since last time. Foot Dragoons, no less, conversions in plastic and 'how the deed was done'...
The requisite tools
Take your chosen figures.
An 1805 French infantryman, mounted on a freshly squeezed shot glass.
 A shockingly uncomfortable Italeri/Zvezda Dragoon...
...mounted atop a 'just that moment emptied' shot glass...
 Off with the head...view from shot glass
 ..and the pack but leave the collar on.
Trim the horse hair crest.
 Remove the head, above the collar. Drill out the head. Affix to wire.
Drill out the neck.
Take a strip of metal tape or thick foil and, if you can still see straight, cut out two square patches to cover the knees and glue them on...what do you mean "why?" well, he has his reasons.
Cut away the gaiters and trouser ends over the feet.
 Pin the head to the body with the wire and super-glue...using another emptied shot glass seeing double...the work you've done...
Now, paint. Now, you see! That's why he cuts out the squares and shave his legs (no, not because he likes to be called Doris at weekends) to make the riders boots Dragoons were issued with, see. Clever, that is...he went to school and everything.

 Repeat until bottle empty/run out of shot glasses/blindness.

The effect is really good. For the history of why French Dragoons ended up sans a book.
Same technique...
Vary the effect...
 Airfix Imperial Garde are just as easy to convert. Horse hair on, horse hair off, at this stage who cares!

 You can get completely carried away!

 And don't worry about the rest of the figure because you can make other conversions like these Spanish cavalry...

Clever stuff. Thanks to Colin for his 'how to' pics and we'll probably see them in action soon a he recovers, that is.

Coming soon: Tony's collection (once we've been able to set it all up) and a promise from Kracken man to poly bash some Russian WW2 horse-gun limbers into's all go you know.


  1. outstanding conversions!

    1. Thanks, Steven. I'll pass it on to His Plasticity.

  2. Very nice!
    I like the boots.

  3. Nice conversions, I like the idea for the boot tops, but my Funcken shows the foot dragoons wearing gaiters except the officer, who might have been mounted.

    Also Strelets have a French Foot Dragoons and Polish Grenadiers set, although some of the poses are funny.

    1. Thanks, Will. I've some old, perhaps Minifig, figures which have them all in the riding boots but I suppose it got down to what was available at any one time, especially in Spain...and I know what you mean about the Strelets set.

  4. Impressive work on those tiny chaps.

    1. Cheers, Monty. He's a wizard with the old dentistry set is Colin.

  5. Thanks, Sun. We are my wife says.

  6. Plastic wonders and a great contraband moment between France and Spain in a true pre-EU style. Congratulations!!!

  7. Thanks, Joao. You can guess where the inspiration came from. As soon as Colin saw your Spanish Army conversions he was like a man possessed. He's even got Kracken man involved in the project doing the German this space.