Saturday, 13 June 2015

Waterloo Prelude: The Duchess of Richmond's Haggis Supper

We, in Scotland, have the equivalent of the Duchess of Richmond’s Ball; 'Operation Haggis Supper'. This, I suppose now that it has become a tradition, is a finely honed and strictly time tabled op.

Signals sent out two weeks ago to 'last minute detail' “Meet 2100hrs OB West coast of Scotland” Replied to this time by Mike C (Northern England). ETD 1700hrs.

1930hrs Colin L en route to Glasgow Airport. ETA 2010hrs.

Kracken Man lands 2020hrs. Ten minutes and a cavity search later (he's got form for smuggling toy soldiers) and he's through airport to Colin. On meeting, Colin signals “The budgie has landed” and sets off west towards sand-table giving ETA. Will update ETA at town limits.

2030hrs Mike arrives at sand-table (faints at spectacle, but recovers) Mike set's off for chippy 2035hrs.

Haggis Suppers purchased. Signal; “the haggis is dripping hot fat on my jeans”. This is code for get-a-move-on. We return to sand table for ETA

2100hrs Start suppers.

2102Hrs first beer.

2104Hrs perambulate around table checking dispositions to Napoleonic music tape (dancing optional)

Typical. You spend years preparing a particular event and when it finally arrives you feel unwell. Still, I hope that my malady doesn't put the kibosh on others fun. I can still watch and throw peanuts.

 Got the Gunners...check
 Got the markers...check
 Got the beer...check
 Got the commanders...check

Got 7,134 figures and 90 guns...check

Good to go. Waterloo 2015 in plastic is on...all I have to do now is not pass out before we get a result.


  1. Sounds absolutely magical!

  2. Sorry I couldn't make it Simon - as it turned out, you weren't the only one not feeling well! Hope it all goes splendidly...

    1. Sorry you missed. All best wishes for swift recovery.

  3. This could possibly be your most anticipated blog battle ever!

  4. Get stuck intae them (this of course applies to whichever side you happen to be pushing around).

    1. As Wellington, that famous combat photographer, I shall endeavour to report the scene faithfully from my own point of view (of course)

  5. Sounds fabulous Simon and we know from your play-tests that it's gonna look marvellous too!

  6. No one has taken a short-cut with this game, and game it shall be rather than recreation. Other than the dice all is set as per the day.

  7. Sounds really wonderful!
    I hope you enjoyed it.

  8. Excellent day, thank you Stefan, just excellent.