Monday, 22 June 2015

Waterloo: Finale - "Give me night or give me Blucher"

Wellington's retreating! Wellington's retreating! Ney either thought or shouted these words as he looked through his telescope from near la Hay Saint Farm. He wanted some cavalry to pursue. He ordered about 500 for the job but by the end of a swift game of 'Chinese whispers' 5000 of the cream of French cavalry joined in one of history's epic assaults.
 Brunswick gunners have a pop in a 'target rich' environment
 We had 420 cavalry figures to represent this attack
 ...and at eye level it was impressive.
 Squares were duly formed...
 ...and the seriously surprised Cuirassiers charged on...
 every last one in our extensive collection...
 Meanwhile, back by Hougoumont, things are decidedly tricky. Half in French hands and half in British.
 Reille isn't letting up...
 ...and his casualties are appalling...
 Squares take attack...
 ...after attack...
 ...after attack!
 Somehow, even Vivian and Vandeleur get involved!
 Farm is a mess. It's all hand to hand. Riderless horses flee.
 At last, good old Zeithen hooks onto the end of the Anglo-Dutch line...
 Bulow throws everything into his assault on Plancenoit...
 His casualties too are awful...
 ...but the numbers count...
 Heavies meet lights on the ridge...
 Ney, played by a Billy, is nothing if not determined... are the Prussians at the other end.
 Some French horse batteries reach the crest...
 ...but the squares hold out...
 The whole Cavalry Corps of Kellerman is in a complete frenzy...
 ...even broaching the ridge and seeing twenty odd squares doesn't make them miss a stride
 Squares hold off till the last moment...
 The church in Plancenoit begins to burn fiercely.
 The Young Guard endures... do the squares...
 It seems like a never ending flow... much more can they take?

 The Scots face point blank fire!
 The badly mauled British Heavy Cavalry prepare to make a sacrificial charge.
 Everyone is at the end of their strength, friend and foe alike.
 They're in! Go on the Prussians!
 'Vorwards! Vorwards! the triumphal cry!
 ...and out of the smoke and carnage comes the familiar beat of the 'Pas de Charge'
 The immortals, the undefeated... their serried and disciplined ranks
 The reserve artillery is up. Baron Chasse and his Division is up...
 Behind the road and the crest the Allies await the signal...
 Now Maitland! Now's your time!
 First to fall are the remnants of Bachelu's Division who have supported the Guards advance...
 ...Further along the ridge the last of the French cavalry is being seen off...
 ...and in good style!
 Zeithen clashes with D'Erlon's Corps for the first time.
 The inundation of La Haie reaches its peak as Ziethen's Corps sweeps by and onto the French

 Plancenoit burns...
 La Garde faces devastating volleys and...
"La Garde recule!" They falter! They break! Wellington waves his hat and orders a general advance.

It was at this point Uxbridge loses his leg...but I couldn't find the pliers, so he didn't.

An astonishing game. A marvellous day. We'll have to do it again in another 200 years...or maybe sooner, DV.

My thanks to all. Every one of the players and those who gave of their time and resources to prep this game, the Billy's, Colin, Kracken man, Ross, Roy and many unnamed others.


  1. Always impressive. Now I see why I can't get figures, you lot 'ave 'em all!

  2. Spectacular- in many ways one of the best Waterloo celebration battles.

    1. You charmer, you! You must be me...but then I usually remember who I am and what I've written. Thanks for the kind sentiments whoever you are.

  3. Brilliant! I really enjoyed that report, very exciting indeed.
    Congratulations to all for pulling off such a spectacle.

    1. Thanks mate. I've decided the next battle will be be a dual so we only have to paint two figures.

  4. A glorious Bat Rep, beautiful pics of lovely figures!!!

  5. So impressive. I thought the pyrotechnics in your Ostfront AAR a few posts back were amazing, but the burning Plancenoit is quite amazing. Well done that man.

    1. Thanks, Padre. It's amazing what one can do with pillow stuffing and spray paint.

  6. Great AAR and beautiful photos, well done.


  7. Excellent re-fight, marvellously re-told!

    1. Thanks, James. I see what the Duke was talking about when he said that describing a battle was like telling the story of a dance...22 guys all having their own adventures on the table at the same time was something to see...and describe.