Sunday, 28 June 2015

100 Days Campaign: The Out-takes!

Inevitably, when organising and fighting the war games you have a lot of kit and a lot of folk to organise...and some things just go wrong...
Dutch gun battery fires in support of D'Erlon's attack (oops)
 Horse artillery gets to read paper before going into action. Some kind soul forgot to remove the place markers.
 ...and again.
Sandy brown's team works hard...

 So hard, in fact, that working till the last minute they get caught up in the here at Ligny

 And, sometimes they don't move fast enough...

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  1. Replies
    1. Ta, Paul. I wasn't laughing when I went to use the pictures! I've calmed down a bit now and see the funny side.

  2. Poor old Sandy & Co. Were they mortally wounded, knocked out, or fainted with the shock - or asphyxiation from all the smoke?
    It would be a comfort to see Sandy and chums being tended to at the dressing station :-)

    1. Hey! You never know! That's a good idea for an 'intermission' piece. Thanks.

  3. My compliments to Sandy Brown and his terrain work. In that pic where he's caught between 2 units in intense close combat, he's thinking to himself "they don't pay me nearly enough for this!"

  4. I see a demand for 1/72nd scale compensation on the horizon, Steven. Thank you...from Sandy's solicitor.

  5. Hazards of Hollywood stars! It's not only dollar by the millions, sometimes sh... something bad happens :)

  6. You said it, expense spent...and then this happens.