Monday, 25 May 2015

Just broken through!

Thanks to all! At last we've broken through the 89,246 barrier and crashed headlong into 92 followers...I should have been looking where I was going, sorry.
They said I was mad, but I'm not AND I have a certificate to prove it.

Hopefully there will be many more minutes of this mildly ridiculous drivel coming your way.

The scenery was prepared this week for the great testing of liver/kidney function and renal fitness that is the 200th anniversary of everyone and his missus saying "...and I'm telling you WE won the battle of Waterloo"...not to mention that the French (gotta love 'em) saying that there was no Battle of Waterloo but an action at Mont St. Jean at which place they decided to deliberately not win because Napoleon, with everyone picking on him - and anyway he had a tummy ache that day, or piles, decided only to win the first half and call it a draw but he was betrayed by Ney, or Fouche, or his foreign minister in collusion with the tooth fairy.

Anyhow, in order to reach a definitive conclusion we plan to push plastic soldiers around a table while eating and drinking too much then collapsing into fits of laughter chucking peanuts at each other and ordering a taxi to the restaurant. This, we are convinced, will settle the whole question once and for all...unless it doesn't, in which case we'll probably do it all again in another 200 years time.

Keep a mildly interested eye on this space.


  1. Congratulations on this important milestone. I look forward to many more AARs over the course of the next 200 years or so. That's approximately how long it will take for me to paint up all my miniatures anyways...

  2. Hah! Funny you should say that...I've calculated that, even if I don't buy another figure or vehicle, I'll be long dead before the stuff I have is finished! Never mind. I'll have a good go at it anyway. Thanks, Steven.

  3. Hi
    Is this the battle that sun glasses are needed before the hangover?Word is the Germans are going to win their first world cup on the day. It could not be an English victory, sure we all know when they won their only global trophy. Come on you Prussians'''''''''''''''''''. signed The Kracken Man.

    1. Ah! Kracken man, I take it that in your wide and obscure reading habits you're referring to various Teutonic pamphleteers? I suggest it will be a concerted effort on the part of many a grey haired and amusingly t-shirted pot-belly supporters that will decide the outcome of the day this time and that the accounts will become potently argued with the consumption of wine and pasta...Looking forward to your company immensely.

  4. Nice one. Leave the poor toad breathed fellas alone!

  5. Wouldn't have a word said against them...excellent targets, every man!