Monday, 4 May 2015

ENDEX - Those who play with fire...

Assault pioneers get second bite of the cherry...
...and are cooking with gas this time..
 T34/85's burn fiercely
 ...but flame, shot and shell mean nothing to the Russian soldiers on the ground
 The long march from the gates of Moscow and all the suffering of the Russian people is now turning into an astonishing victory...and the troops know it!
 ...they just have to endure a little longer...
 The last of the German armour throws itself into hopeless counter attack to try and buy time for the infantry to withdraw in some kind of order...
 The infantry heads west
 Under fire, seemingly from every quarter, the Pioneers dash to the haven of the towns stout walls

 A short, sharp counter attack goes in...
 ...against fearful odds and with little hope...
 ...bullets and AP rounds deluge the concentrating targets.
 Then comes a regimental shoot from the Katyushas, Stalin's organ, to obliterate any hope of making a stand.
 It's time to run.
 With the arrival of the first of the main force the flood of armour and men looks impossible to staunch. The Germans have nothing left to answer with.
 The last 81mm rounds land and the crew bug out asap.
 In the hail of rounds the town begins to burn...

 A significant number of the German infantry outrun the onslaught and will live to face the next disaster...
 The town and their armour is left to burn

Good game. Definite Russian victory.

Thanks to all the guy's for seeing the scenario through to the bitter end. Thanks too for the kind comments on all this nonsense...

Next: We pack up and prep the terrain for the big 200....Waterloo.


  1. Great looking game! Thanks for posting! Love the pics and the commentary. Good to see some late war stuff, even if it was a "jail-break" victory for the Russians!

  2. Thanks Steven. If it hadn't been so decisive, and we hadn't to move on for a while, we could have stretched to German reinforcement but it seemed a natural end.

  3. Cool post, nice figs and kit