Sunday, 19 April 2015

Part Four - Unstoppable v Immovable

Faced with ever stiffening resistance Ivan de-buses and advances on foot. He must clear the area of the bombardment or perish in even greater numbers. The crossings are tantalisingly within his grasp shock, luck and bottle (the famous solicitors) are his ace cards....but is it enough?

The junction and the road line are clear of Germans...
 The last PAK 40 covers the retreat of the first defence line...
 Last out of the village (after an attack of Deli-belly) is Herr Ointment. He has another attack on meeting a T34 at the bottom of the stairs...
 He doesn't miss the sitter but isn't missed in turn by the support (posthumous order of the Bog Roll)
 "On to Berlin!" is the cry as the spearhead is tempered with Nebelwerfer fire

 Little Kate and her sisters reply with interest

"Up, move, time to go! Raus! raus!"
 The pressure is relentless. Artillery, so the Russian saying goes, is the god of war. They are faithful practitioners of its potency...
 RF requires random diced subtractions for obstacles. Clever use of this fact keeps Ivan in the killing zone for longer.
 The infantry is pulling back...but only to dead ground...
"Mortars? aww! I wanted to be hit by Katyusha's"
Their movement, however, attracts all kinds of grief...

With two of the crossing points effectively blocked by destroyed armour the Russians must contemplate a narrowing of their front and the likelihood of a serious concentrated counter-attack at a point of the Germans choosing.

Will the Germans cork the bottle?
Are the Russians on a roll?
Is the most dangerous man an officer with a map?

Find out next time we play with toy soldiers


  1. Keep this action going!


    1. We're trying, Paul, but we're up against the clock! We need to start prepping for Waterloo game scenery very soon.

  2. Great stuff! Posthumous Order of the Bog Roll indeed!

    1. Thanks, Nick. For conspicuous action in the woods you can add Dandelion Leaf clusters!

  3. Joao, you're right but not me... WE should have our own TV show. War-gamers and modellers should get our own TV channel. There have been TV programmes and DVD's for train enthusiasts for decades. Lots of other hobbies get on TV....have I taken this too far?