Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Part Two - Reds Meet Tooth and Claw

The recce Battalion has identified the point of attack and, after heavy casualties, pulled back to the river crossings. But a surprise awaits the juggernaut...
 SU100's of the anti-tank units crawl along the soft valley bottom...
 ...its protection covering from the higher right flank
 Orders crackle over the r/t for recce to advance again but to watch out for friendlies on the left flank
 Tooth is now aware of claw coming to their aid in the for of a Panther coy.

 The Panthers get close to the enemy to try and negate the coming artillery and air support...
 Puma makes a flanking move towards the junction...
 ...coordination with the Nebelwerfers is smooth...

 ...but there are just too many Russians.
Soon the brief counter attack is in trouble (giant thumbs indicate targets)

81mm mortar fire rakes the lead elements looking for the vulnerable infantry.

 Casualties mount. Air power and artillery support, in the shape of Stormoviks and Katyushas, aren't restricted like the Nebelwefers are. They don't have to choose between targets they just hit everything...even targets perilously close to their own troops.
 The survivors run for cover...
 ...back across their own start lines...
 ...and the advance goes on

 'Stalin's Organ' plays a tune...

 The Nebelwerfers are spotted...well, d'uh...and the counter battery fire starts up

 The infantry in the village by the crossing come under tank fire. They brace themselves for the infantry attack.
"Feldwebel! Clean underwear! Schnell!
 Meanwhile, the counter battery fire is singularly unsuccessful...

 ...as luck would have it!
 There's no escape for the counter attack group.
Despite heavy casualties all round, this phase goes to the Russians. Oblivious of losses the tank advance rolls ever westward...

Have the Germans got an answer?
Can the Russians be stopped?
Are we running out of cotton wool?
Is 'S' the capital of Scotland?

Tune in next time to find out


  1. Love it! Great looking game and great report. I was wondering how those wheeled recon boys were going to hold out on their own. Glad to see some big cats on the table.

    1. Knowing, or hoping, someone will turn up in the wings is a great boost to morale. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Top notch! Love the toys mate. Please continue!

    1. Glad you like it. The guy's love the toy's too and some are threatening to bring other stuff to join in the strumash. I may have started an arms race!

  3. Looks great, they didn't stand s chance against the red steamroller!

  4. Great stuff, Simon. There are ALWAYS too many Russians!

    1. Correct as always, Paul. To quote the 'Boss' himself..."quality may be better than quantity but quantity has a quality all of its own"