Friday, 10 April 2015

Part Three - Skill at Arms

Unknown to Pte Zuisidelitz  a six was thrown and he became stupid/brave (delete as applicable) and dashed along the low hedge to the cover of the toasted Puma...
Objective: a flank shot on the advancing T34's which, with supporting infantry, was threatening to break into the coy positions in the village.
 A shot,but alas, no coconut!
 But at that very instant a salvo from the nearest Nebelwerfer landed amongst the Russians in mid 'huzzar!' mode...
"Discretion seems the better part of valour...let's leg it!" 
 320 and 280mm rockets arrive and get mixed in with the German Bn mortars laying smoke
 With disgruntled Ivan's firing into the smoke, Zuisidelitz doesn't need to be told twice
 the rest of the coy are up ahead of him just getting to the corn fields
 Meanwhile an IS2 cooks a 234 and then atempts to shove it away from the bridge...
 ..he is successful...but falls into a well laid ambush
 From here he's a sitter and is taken out
 The cross fire is already set in train but the left flank misses
 Blasting away merrily is of no further benefit as Ivan is dead on the bridge and blocking it for the foreseeable future.

 These and other losses cause some Russian units to disengage and retreat/rout to recovery positions

 The battalion moves back from the village and the crossing...
 ...covered by another coy to watch for any sudden flanking move
 The 81mm's drop HE as their Bn FPF but it doesn't phase the stoic Russian infantry...
 The Russians have a hard time as the forming up point for the push through town and across the stream gets continually harassed
"OK, no drinking from the font and the comrade Colonel wants first dibs on a cuckoo clock"
 ...still, the village is theirs!
 The problem of the Nebelwerfers has been noticed
 ...but the carefully placed flakverlings have them covered...
 ...suddenly, it's Guy Fawkes night...

Heavy and accurate they blast the IL2 out of the sky

Can the German line hold?
Was Alexander the Great really Irish?
Am I crazy to be playing with toy soldiers at my age?
Tune in next time to find out...


  1. As this one is number 1 comment it said 'no comment'. So I have no comments but one: Fabulous!

  2. So many good questions! And so many beautiful pictures, really impressive, I love the '"Flak-ski!" one...a great post sir!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Paul...I'm surprised that you have time to read blogs with all those armies you've been building.

  4. As always, excellent report. The winning photo of the battle of course is Zuisidelitz sulking behind that building after his heroic attempt to bag a tank fails.
    Also, may I add from personal experience that those German cuckoo clocks are expensive. That battalion should lose no less than 2 figures on account of the extensive search party formed to find one.

  5. Outstanding as ever!

    Gripping stuff mate.

  6. Thank you, Paul. The whole game is turning into an adventure for all the players.You don't quite know what will happen next.

  7. Cool tabletop, awesome game

    1. Thanks, Al. It's getting messy now that we're down to the nitty-gritty.

    2. Thanks, Al. It's getting messy now that we're down to the nitty-gritty.