Monday, 8 December 2014

Reille's Attack - Part Two

 Sorry, BIG post, I just got so excited I couldn't help myself.
All around the château the French force the defenders inside. Attacks reach fever pitch.
 Meanwhile, movement is spotted from the ridge....what are the French up to now...?

 At Hougoumont the great gate comes under attack
 Across the Brussels road the Guard Cavalry come with their Horse Artillery.
 Someone has started a move...
 Ney has seen the Allies apparently move out of sight and mistaken it for a retreat...
 Keen to get in on the 'final act' the cavalry gets more and more involved...
 Orders given to the few...are taken up by the many...
 Kellermann and the Guard join the charge!
 13,000 cavalry pour across the valley floor...
 They revenge! For Moscow! For Spain!
 The last hurrah of an empire, unknowingly in its death throws, thunders towards death or glory...
 Ney's great charge along with the Guard, Kellermann, Airfix, Esci, Italeri, Hat and Zvezda!
'Oi! Wait for us!'
 The French find a locksmith. A Lieutenant with an axe ( well, it is his first day as a locksmith)

 They are in!

 The French flood into Hougoumont...
 They swarm into the complex. It looks like curtains for the defenders.
 Elsewhere the cavalry smash into the squares of Allied troops....
 Suicidal bravery meets stoicism...
 Volley's of shot and shell thin out the attackers....
 ...but they are unstoppable!
 Allied light cavalry give minor counter charges...
 Horses and riders are mown down like grass....
 ...batteries fire and then succumb
'If we close our eyes we become invisible'
 Others form square and hope for the best...(the wet look isn't gloss any more)
 Reinforcements attempt to regain the part of the château that is in French hands
 French force is kept up by Foy...
 The Allies are back in!
 Some squares are destroyed and others battered...
 ...someone needs to get that door closed...'s looking bad for the Allies from here...
 Again and again the squares are assailed...
 French zeal is undiminished...
 ....everyone is in on the act...
 The few French Horse batteries are effective.... are the cavalry themselves...
 ...but their casualties are horrific. are those of the squares.
At last, McDonnell gets the door shut...history is saved. Now, hunt down the rest!

We had no idea that there would be so much carnage amongst the squares. Amongst the cavalry, yes and also hard fighting at the château but the squares destruction rate was a surprise.

More next time. 


  1. These charges are wonderful, great looking pics, very impressive, we are in the heart of the action! Nice write up and great report...

    1. Thanks, Phil. We get so carried away with the game sometimes I forget to take photos.

  2. Another epic! Should the French cavalry have been able to break so may British squares, or did they actually manage to bring the horse artillery with them?

    1. Short answer: no. Unfortunately there were some snake eyes and double six's involved, but hey, it's a game of soldiers! Don't worry, no Scots were unlucky in the playing of this game.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Sun. We had a good laugh, cry and much sucking in of breath.

  4. Stunning photos! Lovely looking game!

    1. Thanks, Rodger. We like our markers (hit, blown, staggered, etc) to look part of the action...and a rule not to put rules, dice, tapes or anything else on the playing surface. It keeps it looking aesthetically as we like it and easier to get photos.

  5. C'mon make the french win so you can wargame with those fantastic minis well into 1816!!! :) ottherwise you will only have la souffel...
    Congratulations once more!!!!

  6. Thanks, mate. The dice will decide, Joao, with no prompting from me! Anyway, the lads are keen to get into the Peninsular. Colin has been burning the midnight oil building a Spanish this space

  7. Visually stunning mate, nice work

    1. Thanks Al. That's about all the practice we need. Info is collated and next year hope it all comes together for the big game.