Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Jingle Battles - Attempted Daylight Robbery

The Christmas game this year is notable for a couple of things...The first outing of the Spanish Army (so far) of Don Colin, our first try at a Napoleonic ambush and an official acknowledgement of some of our stuff starting life as game pieces donated by Paul of Caliban Somewhen fame...featured in the favourite blog roll (ancients fans be advised it is a 'must see')...and the blood, sweat and Christmas cake involved in the Yuletide festivities of middle aged toy soldier enthusiasts.
The chosen speed bump of the Allies is the Regiment Zamora (looking very impressive)
 ...joined by some RHA supporting the Campo Mayor in the farm
 Up the road, a few feet, is the cavalry camp of Kellermann's Division.
 They patrol the road to keep it clear of Guerillas and are a ready QRF.
The supply column this time includes the bullion wagon (to pay for Kellermann's roaming charges) and has a Divisional escort.
 An early good throw by the Allies brings on the Brunswick's and the game is afoot!
 Still asleep are the two divisions of Spanish line...
 It's not long before they too are activated and hard on the heels of the plodding column.
 ...but the first clashes are to be cavalry, KGL supporting the Spanish Cuirassier's (Coraceros Espanoles)
 Accompanying French line Lancers try to outflank battery...
 The first canon shots alert the garrison and a fighting patrol is dispatched...
 Brunswick's clash with French Lights...part of the French columnar support...
 ...the gunners are all over the field trying to contain the developing attack
 The Spaniards main body has the furthest to travel and the drummers pick up the pace...
 Meanwhile, Spanish Heavies (sometimes known as 'Mock Cuirassiers') force part of the rearguard into square...
 The patrol spots the ADC's hurrying towards them...
 The column must keep moving forward. To stop means certain.......people will want to squeegee the horses and tap you for a fiver!
 The Spanish Line are doing well and parrying the desperate French infantry attacks...
 The Brunswicker's are showing great grit and determination...
 Tight protection around the wagons is essential to keep the enemy at bay...
 ...but there is a price to be paid for such devotion...
 ...and the French infantry are paying it...
 As the column closes up the the road block it looks as if they may be stopped...
 Cavalry force's squares to be formed...
 ...but they are blocking the way to the wagons..
 The Spanish main force (background, going the other way) are still desperate to close up...
 ...as are the British units supporting the open left flank...
 The first of Kellermann's Division arrive and throw themselves into the action..
 ...not far behind the rest of the division shakes out into attack formations and chooses targets.
 The fighting is so fierce that everyone ignores the wagon train...
  The Rey Dragoons are itching to get involved...
 ...the train sneaks through with little un-engaged stuff to foil or to follow them.
 The French get a pay rise and 'phones topped up.
 The ADC is pleased (figure from a game set)
 Kellermann is chuffed. He's already ordered to new gold epaulettes.
 The guns are abandoned...they, too, are former game pieces...we chuck nothing out. The wheels can be used on the old Airfix French Artillery - as noted previously.
 The Campo Mayor have a bash but the opportunity is long gone
 The French cavalry made their presence felt in the nick of time
The blood letting continues but the game's a bogey...
The cavalry put the kibosh on infantry movement for the most part...

And, as the bullion wagon rides into the sunset, we say ho, ho, ho, Merrrry Christmas everybody.

Thanks to the players for making it such a fun day and to Colin, Ross and Ferdy for umpiring and keeping it 'legal'.

Up next: The New Year Game - Ligny 24th January 2015 DV. The first of the 200th Anniversary games.


  1. Very impressive a nice change, the Spanish getting an outing.

    1. Thanks a lot. Colin's output has been prodigious and there is still more to come, apparently.

  2. Outstanding write up and a fun looking game. More light-hearted than your Waterloo practice runs I imagine?
    Reminds me of a Sharpe's Rifles episode. Well done, sir! A belated Merry Christmas to you and yours, and a very Happy New Year.

    1. I know the episode you mean. I think it's based on the real after action events when Napoleon's brother got his gold nicked. Seasons greetings to you and yours and a happy and contented 2015.

  3. Hi Another blog entry. Great.. I love the 1808 mob. Don Colin has been busy. He will need to be when Levels bully boys show up in 1809. Glad you all had a great day. I am really looking forward to the 24th when I will be showing off some non- varnished figures..... Honest. Have a great new year all.

    1. HNY to you and yours...looking forward with anticipation to the new style figures. I'm sure it won't take the shine off your work...er...but it will, of course...or not if you see what I mean...

  4. Great looking game. And it sounds like you had a fun time on top of that. What more could one ask for?!

    1. Thank you and correct, nothing more could be asked of such a gaming day. Happy New Year to you.

  5. Great report and photos! What a fun game to play!

    1. Thanks. I like the occasional 'fantasy based partly on reality' type game...though, while adding some fantasy, you have to be careful that the egg box doesn't end up playing the part of the spaceship...if you know what I mean.

  6. Lovely looking game again, Simon. I didn't know youse guys had so many Spanish. I'm glad those boardgame figures came in handy; thanks for the mention!

    1. Thanks, Paul. I didn't realise how many Spanish 'we' had either...Colin never told me!

  7. Great game and great figures. See? waiting for Hat solved the problem. But that Rey dragon regiment was inspired somewhere in a famous portuguese blogger no? :):):) Happy new year and wargaming!!

    1. Absolutely, Joao! This Portuguese blogger was the inspiration for the whole idea of Peninsular Spanish troops and our deepest thanks go out to him :) Specifically to jp wargaming place!

  8. A nice scenario, beautiful troops, great looking supply colomn...very nice report!

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  10. The scenario itself can be downloaded from my clubs website on:

    North Ayrshire Wargames Club