Monday, 13 October 2014

The Unsung Hero's of Scenery

Steven, of that grand blog 'Sound Officer's Call' said "I love that you have a 1/72nd civil engineer on the staff". So, we thought we'd show you just what it takes to make's not us, we fibbed. It is, in fact, our resident civil engineer Mr."Sandy" Brown and his magnificent team....
 Old road lifted, new road laid...
 Mr Brown inspects the job but has health and safety questions about the gradient...
 The door will have to come off for the battle as it should be jambed up with captured cannon.

 Cross roads at the ridge seems fair enough
 Sandpit ok...
 Doesn't like the look of this step!!
"I need a tree putting up here"
 The foreman arrives. He explains, helpfully that trees come under Parks and Gardens.
"Carry on, chaps"
 Just then the Duke arrives, mentions the weather, lets Copenhagen pee on the foremans boot, waffles about a fine show and canters off...
"General Picton! Get my tree up!"
 Picton is somebody suitable to converse with, and so get's the job.
"We'll hold 'em Pic, aye 'till you come up!"
 Picton goes to Gordon and tells him to get his men forward to the slope. Then wanders off muttering about 'eyes'.
Gordon then bellows over  to tell them, in his strong Scots brogue, that the Army will supply the tree but that the civil engineers dept. will supply the hole.
At last, the hole is authorised...
"Sah! Mr. Bran, sah! One Mk 5 shrub, green, upright for the standin' of... Sah!"
 A delivery arrives and must be signed for. It is explained that a Mk 6 has to be specially ordered in from Canada and is, in fact, a giant Redwood.
 Mr. Brown explains that it cannot be recovered from the vehicle until the 'official' tea break is which point the redcap draws his service revolver and tells Mr. Brown that as he has signed for it he is required to....

"Very good, Mr Brown...but a little to the left, I think"
 Sometime later all is completed. His Grace trots by to inspect.
"Of course, your Grace, a little to the left..."

 And so, our hero continues to provide the scenery we so carelessly dance on.

Next time: Lights, action, plastic.


  1. Excellent - I'm pleased that all of the scenery is up to code and certified by Mr Brown!

    1. Mr Brown is glad that Steven is pleased and the appropriate paperwork to confirm it will follow in due course.

    2. I would expect nothing less.

  2. Will we see OH&S involved at some stage? Or union regulations infringed resulting in work stoppages? Or management deciding that the Canadian Spruce is altogether the wrong tree and that Russian Birch should have been chosen at the start of the project and that the landscape design consultants be sacked and a new consultant brought in?

    1. It will be noted in the 'Official Contractual Obligations' under the chapter 'It's More Than Me Jobs Worth, Mate' in the small print that the providers of the service have security of tenure in perpetuity (section 3 'until the plastic rots') and, in the small print to the small print (subsection 121a) nothing happens before 'milk and two'...NATO standard edition.

  3. Brilliant! Really enjoyed that, most entertaining.
    Now you need a miniature film crew to take some footage, perhaps some time lapse like you see on all those wildlife shows - Life in the Undergrowth/ Life on the Battlefield- you could do with a wee chap in a safari suit doing an Attenborough routine. :-)

  4. This was very funny. Glad to see you are sourcing trees from Canada.

    1. Of course! Britain's building industry would collapse without good old CLS. My wargame room is entirely Canadian Lumber Supply....of course HM Forces have always used it, from ships-of-the-line to Mosquito FB's

  5. Unusual and excellent post, beautiful pictures, great terrain...and fantastic write up!

  6. Can not wait to move 20mm Dutch types around the grounds in Nove.

  7. Last post was Mark from Ireland but not. See you all soon for haggis and Shako

    1. You think I wouldn't know what shiney figure 'Anonymous' was eh? Looking forward to your company immensely.

  8. That is easily among the best terrain I've seen in the hobby. Wonderful job.

  9. Thanks a lot Cameronian. The thing I like most about it is that it's cheaper than terrain boards and infinitely more flexible. I don't know what it's like on the east coast but here on the west coast we've access to red builders sand which dries to a hard surface to keep the figures and vehicles clean.

  10. Oh, what a wonderful post (readin' for the use of) - I thoroughly enjoyed it - thanks!

    D'you know what's better? Reading from the top down, I came across this post unanounced, and yet I thought to myself (even before His Grace's arraival) 'Hum, that looks to me just like la Haie Sainte'.

    Then I read the previous post.

    Kudos to you, Sir; kudos.

    1. Thanks very much for your comments, Admiral. The good old Airfix La Haie Sainte farm has been many things in its career but is far better playing itself...central character at Waterloo.