Tuesday, 21 October 2014


 I was right at home at my very first; the geek-a-thon that is IPMS. Too much stuff even to record. The warm buzz in the stomach and loins at the first sight of gorgeous gear arrayed in serried ranks. Every table and display ladened with stuff to drool over...
big juicy Typhoon...what's not to love?
I took the odd piccies of stuff mainly for reference....scales a plenty.
Typhoon bait...just lovely
 Staggering attention to detail was just par for the course
Wittmann Walloper 
 There are similarities to a wargame show. The 'pastry' of the traders around the edge of the sumptuous 'filling' of clubs and competitions...
Typhoon frozen food
 Paunches, pony tails and 'whacky' unwashed T-shirts with no one under 63 unless related to same. Just like an average wargames show/club/man cave....and, of course, you bump into someone you know from BC (before computers)
Review of recovery vehicles featured in Winch? magazine!
 It's all ritual magic of the most comforting type. War stories of Frog kits, old Tamiya paints and etched brass disasters/triumphs...and the chance to quiz traders. Yes, poor traders..."I notice you have the...but do you have the..."
 The only significant difference between a wargame pie and a modellers pie, to keep the analogy going, is that the traders generally sell multiples of small in one and a giant box of one in the other.
 Not always the case, I'm sure, but I'd never seen so many very large, tenderly held, boxes leaving anywhere...other than a funeral.
 I loved the 1/72 scale boats so much I went to a trader to ask about twin MG mounts for the MTB I have (but not yet made) at home...he told me how much...
 "STRETCHER BEARER!" went up the cry as I swooned to the floor (gibbering that I could have D'Erlon's Corps for that)
I'll huff and I'll puff
 After smelling salts brought me round I perused the rest of the show billing and cooing over the displays with an added admiration. Now that I know, not only the skill but, the commitment in cash terms of these chap's I realise their attitude is one of 'if it's worth the doing then it's worth doing accurately and to the highest possible standard'.
 And what a standard...
 Any scale...
 All the research...from 'what on earth is that?'
 ...to 'oh, yeah, that's one I know'...
the fellow's at the IPMS show, Glasgow 2014, are in a class of there own.

Well done all. I think I'll visit again next year DV.


  1. Thanks for posting, Simon. It makes what wargamers do look pants...

  2. Horses for courses, my dear Paul. We try to supply the best standard we can across a vast array and they pour all attention into one exquisite piece. I think folk are more forgiving in our world if we occasionally produce 'pants' but in their discipline there is no such luxury.

  3. They are not real models are they? Where is the gloss varnish?

    1. Certainly I never spied anything, shall we say, 'double glazed' in the whole show, Mark. That said, there was ne'er a horse, rider nor a Dutchman in sight. Methinks same will not be said of the next post...