Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Interlude: Modified Speed Painting

Speed painting is all well and good but it will develop as with any painting style. After a good deal of stripping technique (careful) down to the essentials (ooh, err, missus) one realises that the cautious addition may be beneficial to the overall look without losing the epithet 'speed' painting.

One significant problem, I've noticed as I get nearer the grave, is my eyesight. Black undercoat doesn't help but, still the technique demands it...So, how to have the best of both worlds?
 Very dry, very light gray brushing. This highlights the points you need to paint and leaves creases and folds, depressions and edges suitably obscure or brought into high relief.
 ...then just fill in the blanks...
 It works quite well on most figures but especially on the Hat Industrie with their clearly defined sculpting.
 I have followed this technique up by using the light gray as an undercoat to the white application. White is never easy over black but this provides a kind of 'speed painters depth' look as well.
 It means you don't have to be as fussy with the white as before. White is almost just the highlight and just as quick as a highlight.
 Note the bearskin (steady) with a dry brush of gray on the cords...you just 'dot' the paint in the usual way but you get a kind of depth...stop me if I'm getting to arty ***ty!
 For me it makes a difference and I don't find a significant slowing down of the technique. Of course there may be a little...but then I like the results.
 And, after all, painting is a significant part of the wargaming hobby. I know you can have it done if you desire and that's fine...
 ...but I do enjoy it (easy now) along with the social side, the terrain, the building and researching.
 More could be made of dry brushing, washes and adding a myriad of stages to get to staggeringly stunning armies together but a balance of what you're happy with, alongside time, money and the desire to attend to the other elements of the hobby generally preclude this for me.
Technique over speed divided by time equals satisfaction.

Next time: Cobra continues.


  1. They look great Simon, they dry-brush of grey certainly makes "reading " the figure a lot easier for painting purposes.

  2. Good stuff. I've been doing something similar with white drybrushed over the black basecoat for my ancients. Works a treat.

    1. I never thought of white in those terms. I may experiment with that as well. Thanks Paul.

  3. The technique certainly gives them depth. Thanks for the tutorial!


  4. Back to the classroom . Great Class!!!