Friday, 1 August 2014

Cobra '44

 So, we thought 'We've got all this perfectly good scenery let's guild the lily and do something different for a while'....hence Cobra '44. We're doing  the point unit of US 15 Corps forging ahead from the breakout into the untrammeled interior of the French countryside.
'wait for it...wait for it...'
The situation is fluid for the German Army (ie up the creek) and nowhere have they been able to dig in like in front of Caen. This scenario is of an ad hoc battle group trying to hold up US 15 Corps drive between Le Mans and the Seine.
 Recce troop lives on its nerves.
 Contact!...a miss and a damage dink.
 More bad news waits around the bend. A cheeky Stug III
 The bushes erupt with fire...
 ...and the Shermans of the lead RCT deploy into a gun line...
 Target...the farm on right flank...
 Meanwhile, left of arc, a lorried infantry battalion finds trouble all of its own. Another Panzerschreck has a pop at the lead jeep
 ...and swerving off the road adds to the woes...
 Back across to recce troop (I suppose the cousins would call them recon) who crash into the field and start spreading 30 caliber joy all around driving the infantry ambush off into the old stone farm buildings...
 The hard cover is very welcome
'Jump Mac, she's gonna blow!'
 Left of arc again and things are hotting up some...
 The summer wheat fields provide good egress for the field grey field mice...
 General Sherman bangs away swapping 75mm rounds with the Stug
 Armoured infantry arrive on the scene but they get badly mauled crossing the open field. They are close assaulting the 'shrek but are cut up by its support...
 RCT fans out to get a grip on the situation. Nothing too big has shown up so far but we can't leave these jokers for the 'Red Ball' guy's to run into....
 The Germans are falling back from the fire power to their front but towards what?
 Follow or flatten...hmm?
 Ah! They don't want to end up under their own mortar stonk....very wise
 Getting sticky here...
 Hooray for steel, but casualties mount amongst the open topped vehicles
 Camera man gets nervous
 ...all round
 Bazooka one...shed nil
 Now we're not flanked locally we can get forward...maybe...
'Find that mortar! It's shaking out my teeth'
 German 81mm making its presence felt
 Things are getting hot for this MG team and they're of to the cover of the field
Uh oh, the back up shows it has teeth. Good job the Sherman is fitted with a clinometer for indirect fire.

Next time; How many nasty surprises can you get into one little action?


  1. Great wee report, very entertaining. I wonder how they're going to deal with that nasty 88?

    1. Thanks Nick. It's shaping up nicely into an interesting game.

  2. Excellent AAR!

    Lots of nice eye candy and top notch scenery.

    1. Cheers Paul. We had Plancenoit and La Haie set out and just decided to tart it up with some WW2 detail and have a slug fest.

  3. Nice mix of figs.Was wondering if those walls around the church are scratch built? If so what material was used? good idea.

    1. Yes, they're home made. Colin makes molds and dashes off as many as we need. We use plaster because it's cheap (like us) and heavy (like us). 50/50 PVA and water mix to seal before a gray wash.

  4. Very cool, great kit and nice figs

    1. High praise indeed Al. The Hat and other quick build stuff going about nowadays makes bigger collections easier to undertake.

  5. Outstanding AAR and you're quite right we here in the USA would call them "recon" :)

    What rules are you all using? Home brewed? Or a popular over-the-counter set?

    1. Thanks Steven. We use 'Rapid Fire' for quick games with lots of stuff involved. As with all quick rules sets the anomalies iron themselves out in bigger, longer lasting scenarios.

  6. Looked like quite an exciting game.

  7. And it continues to be so...It has reinvigorated my desire to make up some burned out softskins too.

  8. How did u make the wheat fields

  9. Easy...I went to the local hardware shop and got coir mats (you know, common welcome mats for the front door) with no writing or logos on them. I got two shades. One was a kind of blonde and the other was a darker russet colour. They are rubber backed. This is important because when you cut them into strips or blocks the unbacked type just disintegrate. One thing I learned was when cutting the mat was to keep the sweepings of the coir as it makes really great haystacks. Two mats will keep you in standing crops for the rest of your days.

  10. Thx, I think a battle of the bulge would be very cool

  11. Yes, I agree. The thing about any winter action is to make sure you have plenty of talcum powder. One big tub of Baby powder is enough to last years and it doesn't go off either. Don't bother with special scenery for snow - just use talc. It drifts like snow, covers like snow and (gently brushing with a soft ladies make-up brush) disappears like snow. Off you figures, kits and scenery...even on my sand table.