Monday, 14 July 2014

Kreta - Blast from the Past

Aaaah! This takes me when? I have no idea. Certainly it was ante diluvian from the scenery and basing techniques. I was trawling, as one does, through the archives and came across this hazily recollected game....

This is the oft featured bridge of many a game. There's a better view later in the post.
Frontline's resin DFS 230 gliders of the Luftwaffe crash into the dry bed of the Tavronitis River.
 It flanks the high ground and airfield of Maleme on Crete.
 It's only part of the battle but I can't seem to locate the rest of the was a pretty intense affair.
 The Hun glider troops who survive the Flak, small arms and rocky landing to quickly shake themselves out into assault parties.
 British and Empire troops put up a vigorous defense
 I remember doing a few things just for this game eg the few Bofors guns and stuff.
 I wish I'd found the piccies of the JU 52 3M's, JU87B's and Bf 109's I hung over the table for this....I thought they were a great armada.
 In these bygone days troops were removed from play when hit. I think then it must have been when I felt the need for bespoke casualty the German casualties mounted the field got cleaner and cleaner!
 The bangs were pretty poor too...
 Oh my! How techniques have changed...
 The Germans, I seem to remember, joined up with the survivors of the para drop to launch more coordinated attacks on the Airfield defences and the commanding hill positions...
 They were pretty well humped as I recall...
 Many were pinned back into the environs of the shelter of the banks of the Tavronitis
 ...and here's the Tavronitis Bridge I made for the game!
 Happy days, almost forgotten...
Sorry, it's just down to shoddy record keeping on my part. It lasted for a few weeks and honed our map-to-table moulding skills. Just thought someone would be interested in seeing them.


  1. You're pretty hard on yourself: I reckon those pictures you found look great! Please post more if you find them.

  2. This looks a great game. The pic's are number one!

  3. Those are lovely pictures and no mistake. It looks like it was a thrilling battle and if you find any more photos I'd love to see them. From my (sadly too infrequent) visits to your blog, your gaming tables have only improved in quality.
    Thanks for sharing these pics from a glorious past.

  4. Thank you for your very kind and generous comment. I like to reminisce but I love to plan for the future (Deo Volente, of course)

  5. Great stuff celebrating one of our more colourful Kiwi military defeats...if only Hargest had reinforced the 22nd...the fog of war, aeh?

  6. Not a Kiwi defeat, rather a crisis of middle management...and, of course, Winston muddying the waters trying to keep Enigma under wraps. Arming the natives would have helped out a lot too. As you can tell I have a degree in hindsight.