Monday, 30 June 2014

Summer Kills Wargaming. Shock, Horror!

 Aye, well... Summer is a busy time, especially for those in the service industries. "Make hay while the sun shines" goes the refrain so, a trawl through the archives to more productive days as I huvny (have not) blogged in a wee while. Transport, essential but boring, always being added to and I loved doing these little beauties...

One ton Humber Utilities for NW Europe and the Western Desert.

 11 Armd Div.

 ...and Morris 15cwt's for the same.

 7 Armd Div. I know, I know, 7th and 11th. Everybody does 'em. But it does mean you can nick decals from other kits.

My only modification was to add the crash bars (staples, unused of course) and to request Minimi to mould them without bases.


  1. Very cute. By the way, Thomas is talking about getting some tanks. First time he has showed any real interest in gaming stiff!

  2. Great stuff. I have just had a week in France which has put my painting schedule off the rails. I am definitely losing the arms race with Paul.
    I have some Prussian Lancers I have been working on. How do you organise your units, foot and cavalry, and what are your base sizes?

  3. Sah! Light cavalry 12 figs, heavy cavalry 16 figs. 15mm frontages but as deep as you like to avoid tail, lance and sword damage. Infantry 15mm frontage, two ranks of three figures per stand with 30 figures per Bn for Brit, Prussian and Allies and 36 figures per Bn for French and Dutch. Guns 50mm front by 60mm deep with four crew. One limber for two guns (Bty) Sah! (I am now standing at ease)