Saturday, 10 May 2014

"What are you looking at?"

It is a well known fact that the 100 Days Campaign started as a tiff after closing time outside a local boozer. Wellington, Blucher and Napoleon were actually innocent passers by after a cordial evening at a French disco when they became aware of a scene developing outside the pub.....
"OI! Vous...with le silly hat! Oui, vous looks I don' like how you stand at an angle!"
Slurred an Officer of the Imperial Guard Foot Artillery.....
"Pardon? Are you refering to me? I don't think I like your tone sir! I think I should knock your block off!"
 Said an officer of the 1st Foot Guards....
"Vous?...VOUS? Avec whose army?
 ...iterated the man in blue...The man in red pulled himself up to his full height (difficult when you've been glued to a beer mat for 30 years) and said....
"Hmmm, what about ......"

 This one....
 Colin, Mark, Billy et al have been painting and basing like it was going out of fashion, which it might before we finish.
 More cavalry...
 More Guard....
 More line...
 Cuirassiers...Brits, Dutch, Brunswickers, Belgians, artillery, dead horses......
In the end Wellington pulled the Guards Officer away, with the timely assistance of Marshal Blucher, shouting "Leave 'im Nigel e' ain't werf it mate!"

Napoleon, however, just opened a bottle of burgundy and guided the artilleryman away with the aroma of the a snake charmer in a silent movie.

Colin (who doesn't need to take his shoes and socks off to count over ten) added up what we have so far...
Just over 6,100.
Enough, enough! I hear you cry...and it is, honest...we just need a few officers, a couple of guns and that's it. Oh! I forgot, some more casualty figs...oh, oh, and a few more French Cuirassiers...and maybe some infantry, I think....


  1. Good grief, I knew you'd all been busy but this is amazing!

  2. Impressive. I am currently agonizing over doing 12 Dutch Belgians (I have four relevant boxes of HaT figures, but will just try my hand on 12 to start with).

    What did you use for the Dutch Belgian carabiniers please?

    1. My mate Roy used Revell Brit heavy cavalry. You can still get it on ebay from time to time quite reasonably.

  3. At last...the real story of the 100 Days'!

    That is an impressive looking force you have there! What scale do you play? We use 1:60 (ie. 1 figure = 60 men). I suspect that yours is more like 1:30 if not more? Kudos to you and your gang for getting these done!

    1. We are at about 1:30 but we normally try to get to 1:20 with units of 36 for French Inf.

  4. Nice work yet again, SRD. So nice, in fact taht I've nominated you for a Liebster award this year!

  5. That's very kind of you, Steven. It is an honour to be nominated. Thank you very much.