Friday, 4 April 2014

Contact! - Plancenoit Part Two: Muffling in the Field

 Sounds like a town twinning organisation but is in fact our Prussian hero arranging a shock for Boney.
Ziethen's 1st Corps arrives in force armed with orders to take Plancenoit in concert with Bulow and Pirch's Corps.
 Fighting hard the French fall back in the face of superior forces.
 Subervie's cavalry gets excited and makes a lunge for the Prussian cavalry...(note to self - more Prussian cav)
 Prussian's push the French without pause.
'Here's that sugar lump I promised'
 Muffling makes contact....
 ...and begins to convince Ziethen to go against his written orders from Gneisenau. Instead of following Bulow and Pirch to Plancenoit...join the end of the Allied line so that the Allies can close up and move two cavalry brigades to the right centre of the line against imminent major attack.
 Ziethen must choose to not support the furiously fighting Prussians but help shore up the Allied line.
 Bulow batters on taking huge casualties but wearing down Lobau.
 The last of D'Erlon's Corps support the gathering French attack by pressuring Picton's Division
 Plancenoit is set alight.
The Prussian are through Lobau and are in! But the Young Guard approach for the counter attack....

Can the Guard thrown them out?
Is the church to hot to handle?
How are these jokes so bad?

Tune in next time for the exciting, nail biting and tense conclusion...oh, I need the loo...


  1. Lovely. Looking forward to the next installment.

    Oh, there should be a loo in the church, but be careful near any naked flames!

  2. This is building really, really nicely; you have your readers on the edge of our seats!
    What a huge mass of Prussians!!

    1. Thanks James. The huge mass of Prussians is mainly down to Colin and Mark. They have much still to do but we are getting there.

  3. Exciting report, I hope the Prussians hold against the Young Guard.

    1. I've rarely known such loud cheers and was a nail biter.

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