Sunday, 2 March 2014

Reviewing the Guard: Part Two - Speed paint with dabs

 The gritty nitty is speed dabs in critical places only. This is a play by play guide on how I do it with acrylics.
Draw on the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks with a 4'0' or 5'0''s the only brush you really need.
 Then do the white can wash and highlight like this one...
 and don't worry about missing bits...
 or dab on the major lines like this...
 The head swap has made this chap into Jacques Tati but the black undercoat hides a multitude of sins.
 Don't paint what you expect to see, or think is there..
 Paint ONLY what you can see and reach. Cheat! Thin the paint and wash a single line down the sleeve and it leaves the buttons behind
 After white, do the gold and silver. The Swedish Chef here has tiny dabs on his jacket and because they're tiny they are easy to keep away from each other which gives the blackline effect.
 The more you do it, the quicker it gets.
 Leave plenty unpainted areas. Your brain fills in the details and sees the black bits as shadow.
 You're looking to get an effect from three feet away, not close up.

 There is no need to do shading with this can but you don't need to.
 Dab on the cords. Leave gaps. This is you colour AND shade.

 It works well on metallics like gold.
 White is the single biggest part of painting the Guard and the tasks get easier after it.
 Brown next...notice I didn't paint the gourd, I just put three dabs of brown on.
 Looks almost done and only two colours to go.
 Cheat every chance you get. You want Guards cartouches? Five dots...
 Red next...
 Just blob it on thick. It's striking against the black.
 I know the epaulettes are one solid colour but do the board and the fringe in two dabs and it looks animated and shaded...which, of course, it isn't.
 I didn't paint his moustache but I think I can see it anyway...
 Alternate dabs for the NCO's cords.
 If you can be bothered you can dry brush the chevron...but no one notices.
 The standard is blank so you can do what you like with it.
 He must be seven feet tall and two feet of that is neck...what was I thinking!
 His tash I did paint...homage to Brucie...nice to see it, to see it...
 Blob the top of the bearskin. Don't worry about the Hat cross on top the paint will sort it out.
 Now the blue...
 ...effectively you're only painting the arms of the coat and two dots on the tails.
 The only highlighting I bother with on the French is the blue. Dab on the white grenade.

 Officers and NCO's have gold grenades on their headgear
 Hardly notice the highlight except on the roll...

 Put a black wash set of lines and circles on the standard...
 ...then just dab them with looks ok from three feet away.
 I just matt.
Then just start all over again...It's not rocket science...just don't overpaint...less is definitely more.


  1. Excellent post! This is the exact way I paint. Less equals more!

    Well done.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. When I first started people wouldn't share techniques but the internet has revolutionised that attitude.

  3. Damn impressive stuff. It's just the way I paint too. Except for most of the detail.......

  4. Looks really nice. I'm beginning to get into this method as I'm building a WWII Soviet force in 15mm. So I'm casting about for simpler methods of painting.